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Complete Kotlin Development Course – Part 6 (Conditional Statements, If-Else, Switch-Case)

The Complete Kotlin Developer Course has everything you need to know to become a professional Kotlin Developer and how to integrate your kotlin knowledge to develop awesome and professional Android Apps. This course covers everything from the essential programming concepts to Object-Oriented Programming and integrating your Kotlin knowledge in Android Development. This course will be […]

Android Tutorial (Kotlin) – 27 – ProgressDialog

Learn Kotlin on Android Tutorial. We use the ProgressDialog while doing Network Communication Because user shouldn’t interrupt the network call. Also, we show this when we do any long progress(less than 30sec). Source Code Link: Download Android Studio 3.0 Stable Release:

Android Tutorial (Kotlin) – 20 – AutoCompleteTextView

CodeAndroid – Learn Kotlin for android Development Layout File (activity_main.xml) : Kotlin File (MainActivity.kt) :

Android Tutorial (Kotlin) – 19 – Auto Scroll Textview

CodeAndroid – Learn Kotlin for android Development