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Create a ImageSlider with ViewPager in Android | Android Studio 3.1.2 | Kotlin | 2018

In this tutorial, we learn about ViewPager. Android provides many UI controls to create beautiful UI screens for your apps. One common UI requirement is sliding between multiple screens. For example, a photo slideshow. Android provides a UI control for creating sliding screens called the ViewPager. This tutorial explains the implementation and working of ViewPager. […]

Code In Kotlin With Eclipse Neon!

Kotlin, new language announced by Google as Android’s Official language, In this video I will show you how you can Integrate kotlin with Eclipse IDE. Download Eclipse Neon : Music : Artist: Alexander Blu. Song: Cheerful Marimba music melody loop 125 bpm

Android Kotlin Tutorial: Converting Data types From One to Another

#Kotlin #AndroidKotlin #KotlinTutorial In this video, we will learn how to convert datatypes in Kotlin. Example: Converting String to Int and Float to Double in Kotlin programming language. Goal: Through this Kotlin tutorials, I aim to teach you about Kotlin and I hope I can see my students doing amazing software in Kotlin language. IntelliJ […]

Android Tutorial (Kotlin) – 27 – ProgressDialog

Learn Kotlin on Android Tutorial. We use the ProgressDialog while doing Network Communication Because user shouldn’t interrupt the network call. Also, we show this when we do any long progress(less than 30sec). Source Code Link: Download Android Studio 3.0 Stable Release:

Android Tutorial (Kotlin) – 20 – AutoCompleteTextView

CodeAndroid – Learn Kotlin for android Development Layout File (activity_main.xml) : Kotlin File (MainActivity.kt) :