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HTML and CSS Accessible Medium Tag Selector Form

Speed code: Accessible Medium tag selector form. Medium’s homepage currently allows you to select a list of topics to get you started when creating an account. At the time of this the elements are just a collection of divs that prevent keyboard users with interacting with the interface. This uses checkboxes to fix the issue. […]

Smashing TV: Harris Schneiderman on Translating Design Wireframes into Accessible HTML/CSS(Nov 20th)

The most efficient way to build accessible websites and apps is to “shift left” by incorporating accessibility testing into the earliest stages of your development and design process. As a key accessibility practice taking place early in design and development, translating a wireframe into web content is a common, but easy to avoid pitfall. In […]

(01/14) HTML Form Code – Accessible Form Series

This video explains the code involved in a HTML Web Form. Part 1 of 2

Accessible Hamburger Grid Navigation

Tutorial on how to create a responsive dropdown[hamburger] menu with HTML and CSS. English captions available!!! My website – (get a free copy of my book when you subscribe to my newsletter) When it comes to hamburger menus, we wanna make sure that they’re accessible, progressively enhanced, semantic and that they’re big enough…

(06/14) Labeling Input Elements With HTML Label Tag – Accessible Form Series

Providing labels for input elements will provide your visitors using screen readers with information on what exactly the field requires. This video shows how to use the Label HTML element within your form design.