Coding Fun Html Submit button and Reset button in HTML

Submit button and Reset button in HTML

HTML,HTML Introduction,
Getting Started,
HTML Elements,
HTML Comments,
Formatting Tags,
HTML Tables,
Cellspacing, Cellpadding,
Colspan, Rowspan,
Height and Width,
HTML Frames,
HTML Forms,
Radio Button,
Drop-down List,
Submit Button, Reset Button,
GET Method,POST Method,
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12 thoughts on “Submit button and Reset button in HTML”

  1. Kim Ferko says:

    Hi, all is good, just one questionç where does end the output after clicking on submit? I click pmn submit and google home displayes. That's fine. But where the data are displayed like name and surname ? Thank you for your answer

  2. Raheel S. says:

    hi, even box is empty but its going to google web page . without putting nay think working action with submit.. why ????

  3. Can you put a link on a submit

  4. thank you so much for the tutorial

  5. Thanks for the tutorial its so easy to do and remember saved me a lot of time dude

  6. Everest 76 says:

    how to put button left!!

  7. I am trying to make a form that users can use to calculate their weekly salary with only 2 values, their hours worked and pay rate. This is for a class assignment I have just started. I would like the user to be able to submit the two values using a  form.I have an html form that displays but the clear form and sumbit button do nothing. can you help me?

  8. shyam webb says:

    nice .., thank u..,

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