Coding Fun Java Software engineer interview with a Google engineer: Most frequent integer

Software engineer interview with a Google engineer: Most frequent integer

Check out the feedback by the Google interviewer and the full transcript on

This is a recording of a mock interview in Java by a senior Google engineer on offers senior engineers free, anonymous technical interview practice with engineers from Facebook, Google, and more.

Disclaimer: All interviews conducted on are anonymous. In this case, we got explicit permission from the…

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10 thoughts on “Software engineer interview with a Google engineer: Most frequent integer”

  1. SlakOffs says:

    Not the interviewee but I followed along and I'm glad I didn't force myself to struggle too long trying to figure out that last question. I've completely avoided learning about bit manipulation. Out of hatred for it. Does anybody enjoy this stuff?

  2. StockDC2 says:

    "I'm used to Leetcode". That's probably something you never want to say to the interviewer.

  3. kn says:

    I guess its too easy because it was a 'Mock' interview.

  4. Vivek Yadav says:

    Use a multiset (Counter in Python3) for part 2. O(n) space and O(n) time. Google Developers, YouTube channel made a good video on this question.

  5. mfkman says:

    last question: xor everything and you get the answer

  6. I'm pretty sure, this guy didn't prepare for this interview. Or maybe he's too hesitant.

  7. Black Lotus says:

    Python developers would be salivating over Part 1.

  8. Twaxter says:

    Last Question, you can use a hashset, iterate through array. check if A[i] in hashset, if it is, remove it from hashset. If it isn't in hashset, put it in hashset. The thing left in the hashset is the number that appeared only once.

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