Coding Fun Kotlin Should you Write Native Code (Swift and Java) or Hybrid?

Should you Write Native Code (Swift and Java) or Hybrid?

These days, startups have many choices when it comes to building a smartphone app. You can go native, with languages like Swift for iOS, and Java or Kotlin for Android. But that means building two codebases and dealing with the cost.

Another option is to use hybrid frameworks like ReactNative, PhoneGap, Flutter … among others. So, how does one choose the right solution?

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33 thoughts on “Should you Write Native Code (Swift and Java) or Hybrid?”

  1. Kelin says:

    great points… however, the demand of Native approaches is fading away while hybrid keep improving it native interpretation/integration at the long run, reason of killing it eventually is the double cost of development and support to make both side of users happy(iOS and Android).

  2. Yeh lets buld bad app and see why my idea its fall.

  3. vikas vik's says:

    Sir i really like urs action of talking specially when you start the video with hey heyhey😂😂🤣😃

  4. Wizard Daddy says:

    Can’t write hybrid fool. It’s polymorphic custome to each project and subject etc hehee

  5. Hi Mr stefan , i would like to contact you , to send you my app project (features documentation & mockups) , i would like you to advice me to go native or react . thanks

  6. Ankit Shaw says:

    #startup IDEA
    I'm working on it!!!

  7. Kabir Kang says:

    "React native compiles down to native at some point"

    that isn't true

  8. Hey, the car analogy at 7:45 reminded me of this video. I think you might get a good laugh out of it.

  9. I prefer a, today called, progressive web app. It can be used by all people on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS on every device with a modern Web-Browser and with todays Javascript Frameworks like Vue JS they even fast.

  10. For the people who are looking for hybrid mobile app development path i would suggest "React Native" because i'm working on it and researched NativeScript, Flutter etc.. and i found React native is still way to go! as far as ui animations, you can run these on native thread regardless of Javascript thread over which react native is used to run, it's so vast framework!

  11. I think youre mistaken in your reasoning for suggesting a responsive website over an app. Especially if you have an older device, like i do, the web browser itself can be very slow. I actually avoid it as much as i can because of that, and go for a downloadable app every time. And even if it wasnt, slow, imo a separate app is just a nicer experience in general, i even usually go for something like that on desktop. You are not your user, so you cant expect to know what your users would prefer.

  12. I don't like to NOT watch your videos

  13. Luke Avedon says:

    Not one word about the despicable Ruby developers.

  14. This question have bothered me for months now. Should I go hybrid, should I go native?

    Looking at different perspectives, seems that the group is split right in the middle, and I couldn't come to a decent conclusion.

  15. jcoronaz26t says:

    Stef you are awesome, all your videos that I've seen so far have inspired me. Please keep up the AMAZING work!!!

  16. Samuel N says:

    What about using flutter?

  17. welkflingers says:

    Shut up and take my money!

  18. I've figured out a simple rule of thumb that makes sense to me at least: Use HTML5 for all of you business applications (i.e, you're a business owner and you need an application for your employees to use, or something along those lines), and use native/hybrid for all of your consumer products(obviously because this will give you a clean a smoother product that you want for consumers.). Making native apps is really not that hard, so long as you familiarize yourself the UI libraries(took me like a month to familiarize myself with both platforms), and stay away from using the interface builder.

  19. I want to have those merchandise cups!!!!

  20. Kevin Lopez says:

    Hey Stef thanks again for the content

  21. Well I prefer native but if your app is simple and you need to put it into the market soon as possible definitely "React Native" is your best choice.

  22. Qdouble says:

    I'm facing this same decision now for my new project and I've been doing a ton of research. While I think a HTML5 app would be the fastest to implement, the highest quality approach would probably be to use the native language for UI/API interaction (JS for web, Kotlin for Android and Swift for IOS) and then just figure out a way to share the core business logic. I'm thinking WebAssembly could shine here… you could write your core logic and state management in Rust/C++ or Typescript then use it on all three. This kind of setup would also work well if you're building a game or anything performance intensive.

  23. As a 5 year veteran of native Android development and the unfortunate heir of many a hybrid app code base either to maintain or completely rewrite natively, from Titanium, React native, Cordova and xamarin (aka marmalade) I can without a doubt say that the hybrid approach always (99.9% of the time) results in an outdated poorly performing app that customers will complain and leave your wallets empty in favor of a native approach. Refusing to learn the tools for the job, hybrid app devs shoot themselves in the foot and further distance themselves from the most important part of being a developer. Never stop learning.

    I agree completely that if you have an app idea/startup that you should write a minimal prototype before you count your chickens, but you shouldn't shy away from native development just because it's not in your web development skills wheelhouse.

  24. Keep on trucking cause for me that doesn't know how to code and even bought a subscription to your course this is very inspiring because you can tell it is real just by all the comments from actual coders… Chiquito…

  25. Kim Lehtinen says:

    Could you make a video on how to be different compared to all other developers…maybe some business, leadership or social advice to take our developer career to the next level instead of being the typical/average developer 🙂

  26. Kirill B says:

    Good video! As always! Thank you !

  27. Don't you think Web Assembly will destroy JavaScript? I'm writing my first app. The backend is C++ (I'm a C++ pro and it requires tremendous performance), and I was gonna hire someone to do the front-end, but now will do it on WASM 😀

    I love the fact that I don't need web devs anymore for my online projects!

  28. I’ll give you three thumbs up

  29. what does need-to-nerd mean in small and simple terms? @Stefan Mischook

  30. Purple Candy says:

    I wish you were my dad or someone near me. In my society I'm the only freak and nobody gives a shit, It's always hard to make decisions whether to go ahead with my passion or follow the crowd. It really helps when you and other people put such content for free

  31. Love the new setup. But I also love those 10 minute (maximum) videos where you put out an idea or a though that just sticks in my mind. I tend to like more the shorter videos (and more often) rather than the long ones (above 10 minutes).

    As for the merch, I'd buy a 'need2nerd' shirt :D.

  32. guxershmeg says:

    Hybrid allways means overhead in code for one part and performance for another. And jni is a pain for example. Is it possible sometimes that do full native is simpler, then to support infrastructure between components if main part of application is native?

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