Coding Fun Kotlin Second Activity – Android Kotlin – 08

Second Activity – Android Kotlin – 08

In this Android Kotlin tutorial, we’ll show you how to launch a second activity from your first and how to pass data between your activities so that you can populate the second activity with data from the first.

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4 thoughts on “Second Activity – Android Kotlin – 08”

  1. Nice – thanks and good work!

  2. NashmiGamer says:

    First of all, Thank you for these awesome videos, and Second of all, you should make a lot more about Kotlin Development Subjects, because if you do that I will stop paying for paid courses and stick with your channel, anyways I'm going to subscribe hoping for good videos like this one. Thanks again.

  3. mosestak says:

    The first thing that attracted me to Kotlin is there's no need for all those findViewById. Of course I found more useful and attracting reasons to give up Java. Anyway, nice videos.

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