Coding Fun Java Reverse Java Classes to Class and Sequence Diagram

Reverse Java Classes to Class and Sequence Diagram

This demonstration shows you how to reverse Java classes into UML Class Diagram and Sequence Diagram using Visual Paradigm.

Visual Paradigm – Visual modeling tool with OMG Unified Modeling Language (UML) support

Java round-trip engineering

Reverse engineer UML sequence diagram from Java source


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6 thoughts on “Reverse Java Classes to Class and Sequence Diagram”

  1. how to do program by using class and object by using design (tablebox,textfiled and so on)in netbeans

  2. Diego Rojas says:

    7 years after and still being pretty useful thanks a lot man!

  3. Kaki Movie says:

    Hello do you have email?

  4. Merrs says:

    I don't see the same menus that you see–I don't have the UML dropdown (where you created your diagram). I have the free trial version right now, is that only in the enterprise edition? Or how else can I get the UML icon/menu to show up in Visual Paradigm's banner?

  5. do you have an Asian accent?

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