Coding Fun Html Question: How to Become a Expert at HTML & CSS

Question: How to Become a Expert at HTML & CSS

👍Best HTML5 & CSS3 Books:
This is Not a BrainStormer But Still You Want to Find a Quick Shortcut Way to Become a Master at Something.

To Become a Expert at Anything You Just Need Practice More and More and In this Case You Need Code More and More HTML & CSS to Become a Expert.

Yes that is Very Simple if You Want to Be a HTML & CSS Expert, HTML & CSS Masters and HTML & CSS Ninja than Juse Code and Code.
Around 1,000 Hours it Will Take You Be a Fully Expert at…

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17 thoughts on “Question: How to Become a Expert at HTML & CSS”

  1. HumdrumTv says:

    o my god………. I must die if I try a little bit to understand ur language…… I think I have to learn this language in which u r talking..
    Which language is this??

  2. purexed says:

    Dude no one can understand you. You need to work on reducing your accent.

  3. Discipline. Discipline. Discipline.

    Got yourself a sub!

    Thanks, mate!

  4. can you tell me please what languages were used in ali i want also create my own website

  5. ministreee says:

    I'm not a racist but this Hindi/Urdu language idk which one is.. it is so fucking annoying first you can't understand a word second the way they speak the language… OMGGGG fuck this

  6. great! You are right.No matter how many courses you take or books you read, practice is what gonna make you an expert not just in html and css but other languages as well

  7. Sheth Nisarg says:

    Seriously man, u calculated 1000/10 on your pc 😀 LOL

  8. no hard feelings but I didn’t understand a thing !!

  9. Luke says:

    Stfu u stupid muslim go back to where u came frome

  10. Aminul islam says:

    you are a great Stammerer. lol

  11. AMG Izzy says:

    I dont mean to be racist or anything…. but I cant understand anything but HTML and CSS… no heart feelings..

  12. Tej Shah says:

    Indaian Tech Support? Lol I am indian too no hate

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