Coding Fun Java Python vs. Java (Part I)

Python vs. Java (Part I)

Python and Java programmers, feel free to yell at me if I’ve gotten something wrong.

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20 thoughts on “Python vs. Java (Part I)”

  1. Derec Wilsom says:

    nice video, looks like you put a lot of work into it. You're weird, keep it up.

  2. Ankit Basu says:

    you are sweet 🙂

  3. code4Fun says:

    You got great boobs!

  4. KoiFlow says:

    This video is awesome, you are awesome, so glad this video is up. Thanks!

  5. Flash Man says:

    Python may have batteries included. But Java don't care. Java comes packaged with a battleship.

  6. Java all the way…!

  7. ennore82 says:

    thanks for your effort in making this video! very good intro tutorial for the java programmers interested in python lang. good job!

  8. You started your video with an amazing cartwheel,
    … and then you want to talk about programming?

    What happened to the cartwheel as a topic of conversation?

  9. (Based on your sexiness, and yes! your sexiness matters, I'm going with Java(I use Tiger. I wish I had "Spider"). That black t-shirt is NOT flattering. I used to be biased for Python but after testing its run time speed compared to C(fast), C++(faster), and ESPECIALLY Java (fastest), I'd be remiss to ignore these three giants in favor of Python… Then again there is Jython AND Cython > {•]

  10. Great info, Sounds like you really know your programming languages. Thanks for the info. I don't like python, but at times I still try to learn it. I prefer all other C variants over python. Being forced to Indent code pisses me off. I will Indent my code to polish it up, but I cant stand the fact that python will not run unless the code is indented because the indention replaces the brackets. In my opinion, the brackets make more sense.

  11. Bobby Java says:

    I hate Python for its stupid way of handling GUI development, Tkinter is too ugly, Qt and Qt creator are too sloppy, wxPython is weird and so on. Then its the matter of versioning, Python 3.5 is out but people still prefer Python 2.x so the language doesn’t go forward because of compatibility issues. Yes, Python is a good language to start programming, but its not a serious language at all.

  12. Very funny and useful , thank you!

  13. AbDuLaZi7 says:

    You're so beautiful <3 <3

  14. lol nice haha plus youre gorgeous :")

  15. You talked a lot about Python and way less about Java. Preferences are preferences but more pros and cons of both would have been helpful.

  16. LuftWaffle3 says:

    I'm surprised how similar python is to SQF…

  17. Rin Ray says:

    Thank you! That means a lot.

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