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Pros of Java vs Python

This is lit cuh

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12 thoughts on “Pros of Java vs Python”

  1. MARS Racoon says:

    Dude I think java has OOPs concept

  2. H4ck3r says:

    if (true==false and false==true):

  3. Matt C says:

    Python has a pretty hefty API too, it just does different things.

  4. Pitou says:

    Java is also all oop. Even out put a line of text uses the system object.

  5. BookOfSaints says:

    Python is probably the easiest to start learning, not necessarily the easiest to master

  6. Peter Kis says:

    java is also oop…

  7. For developer – java,c,c++
    For data science,scripting – python

  8. smonkey001 says:

    Lol, you sound like java isn't oo.

  9. thanks realy needed these infos

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