Coding Fun Html PHP beginners tutorial 54 – html entities and strip_tags

PHP beginners tutorial 54 – html entities and strip_tags

In this tutorial I show you how to use the htmlentities and strip_tags functions to handle any html elements that users might attempt to input into your site.

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12 thoughts on “PHP beginners tutorial 54 – html entities and strip_tags”

  1. I don't understand why you are trying to teach inputs with gets. You should use Post so your viewers learn the right way

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  3. Terror X says:

    I am new in this new world of php, i have a question
    are there any difference between using htmlentities and strip_tags in a form? if i want to have a safer form in my web.

  4. DarkArly says:

    With that, you can do … a chat ?

  5. David Ashby says:

    Quentin, when saving to a database which is the best method, entities sends gibberish through to the database and strip_tags sends the actual text the user posted. Which would you recommend going in and which method when drawing on that data?

    Where does preg replace come in?


  6. How to insert " or ' as a string without using symbol?

  7. Lokez says:


  8. sanjoy bhui says:


  9. I think there is an extra "ti" in entities in the title

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