Free OpenApi toolkit for WebSockets. Java, Angular and Node.js

ObjectRiver is the 1st OpenApi toolkit for WebSocket programming, and it’s FREE! This demo shows Angular6 integration to Java server with no programming. The entire solution is generated from an industry standard OpenApi definition.

Android Kotlin Tutorial – Dexter runtime request permission

Runtime request permission in Android with Kotlin In this video, we are going to simplify the process of adding the runtime permissions using Dexter library in few minuters. Website : Twitter: Facebook : Link source code: android kotlin tutorial, android development tutorial, android programming tutorial, android app development…

Shop Web Design – Adobe XD to HTML CSS Tutorial (Part 1/2)

Hi everyone, welcome back to Angga Risky, and in this video, we are gonna design the landing page of website design by using Adobe XD. After that, we will learn how to convert the design to HTML template by using Bootstrap framework. Next video: Thank you for coming and subscribe for more updates. #design #coding […]

java complete project with source code. Restaurant management system.

Source code: this video about Restaurant management system. java complete project with source code. anyone can free download this project source code. Library management system-01 Library management system-02 Library management system-03 Library management system-04 Library management…