Can Python Overthrow Java? | Java vs Python | Edureka

** Python Online Training: ** ** Java Online Training: ** This Edureka live session on “Can Python Overthrow Java” will tell you about various aspects of Java and Python based on the market trends. You will also see the comparison on various coding aspects and learn why one is preferred over the other. I will […]

Kotlin vs Java | Which one to choose for ANDROID DEVELOPMENT ?

In this video i will explains either to choose java or kotlin for android development. Don’t forget to hit the like and subscribe to this channel. And if you found the video helpful then share it here’s the link.

Mean Stack Online Traioning || Mean Stack Introduction || Class – 1 || by Ramesh Sir

MEAN STACK Online Training by Mr. Ramesh Demo on 27th Apr @ 9AM IST LINK: ORACLE 12c Online Training by Mr. Dinesh Demo on 27th Apr @ 9PM IST LINK: SELENIUM Online Training by Mr. Ravi Kanth Demo on 27th Apr @ 8AM IST LINK: ANGULAR Online Training by Mr. Sai Demo on 27th Apr […]

HTML Tutorial for Beginners

Learn HTML FAST from a professional developer. This course will get you into the career of web development. You’ll learn HTML, CSS, & Javascript using modern tools so you won’t be embarrassed on your first job interview! IMPORTANT! If you ONLY want a website for yourself or your business, DO NOT learn all this stuff…it’s […]

Creating Websites in Node Js with ExpressJS, JQuery, HTML5, JavaScript and Jade Part 2

In these series of video tutorial, I will be talking about how to create simple and re-usable piece of code or API in Node.JS web application. I am hoping that these videos tutorials would be very useful for the developers and web technology enthusiasts to learn new tips and tricks on firing up an open […]