Competitive Programming In Java – Introduction

This series will discuss the advantages and quirks of using Java in programming competitions. Basic overview of the series: 1) Good Coding Practices 2) Test Case Generation 3) Fast I/O in JAVA 4) Github integration 5) Testing through multiple solvers 6) Java 8 Features 7) Multithreading Finally we discuss about the kind of environment we […]

Learning Kotlin: Using 'while loops', IntRanges, and the 'repeat' Function

Another Learning Kotlin tutorial for beginners. Helping you learn Kotlin 1 small tutorial at a time. In this Kotlin tutorial, you learn how to write ‘while loops’ and ‘do while loops’ . You’ll see how to use the ‘repeat’ function to quickly iterate N number of times, and you’ll learn how you can use IntRanges, […]

Setting up the env -Node JS tutorial Part 2

In this video we will set the environment for writing codes by downloading a text-editor i will link below to download visual studio code click the link below node js, express js, node js tutorial, node js mysql, node js documentation, node js server, node js framework, node js download, node js mongodb, node js […]

MEAN Stack Setup with Angular 2

Angular 4 Projects: This video will walk you through my basic MEAN starter setup. It uses Angular 2 on the frontend along with node.js and express. Repo: – inside mean-setup folder Make sure that you install node modules, start mongod and run gulp copy:libs. App is running on localhost:3000

10 Tips for Starting a Healthy Lifestyle | Fitness Advice for Beginners

My Fitness Journey Video: GYMSHARK LINK : TRAINING/ MACRO COACHING: OMAR’S CHANNEL: use code “Maryana10” for 10% off For more updates follow me on social media: -Instagram: Maryanadvorska -Snapchat: Maryana_dc My name is Maryana Dvorska! My channel is mostly vlogs…