Why Java is Better than PHP

Can you tell me why Java is better than PHP? PHP dominates the web server hosting niche. Java is better for real time applications. And you can use it for embedded applications. You can not use Java for low level computing. You can not control sound cards and video drivers with PHP very well, either. […]

Xamarin Android Tutorial – Realtime Online Lucky Number Game with Node JS Backend SocketIO

Link donate : Facebook : Link background : Hello everybody ! Today in this tutorial i will show you how to write an simple realtime online lucky number game with NodeJS is backend and Android is front end ^^ xamarin android tutorial,xamarin tutorial,xamarin tutorial android,xamarin studio tutorial,xamarin studio android tutorial,xamarin visual studio tutorial,xamarin c# tutorial,android […]

Mean Stack Tutorial – 5 – Installing Node and Angular CLI

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How to Use HTML & CSS to Create Your Ebook & Make it Look Good: Simple Self-Publishing Part 10

Want to self-publish a book but don’t know how? Second Drafts will show you how to self-publish your manuscript. When starting out in the self-publishing game, one of the biggest hurdles is being able to create an attractive ebook without a big investment of your time. This can be a burden because it usually requires […]

Java VS C++

Can Java handle 3D complex games? Discussing the programming language Java vs C++. Which is faster and more efficient, Java or C++? Discussing if Java is a slow programming language, and if Java is worth learning in 2018. With the fast pace of change in technology in 2018, is C++ still a good language to […]