How to Apply Basic Html Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to Your Content

Connect on Twitter: Learn how to give your content the visibility it deserves by following these simple tips. Grow Your Web Brand Book: More on: Signup for my newsletter on Full transcript: hello YouTube friends I want to go over some very basic HTML SEO search engine optimization tips things that if…

Getting C/C++ performance out of Java

Today everything is connected, from the wearables to internet banking, every business is global and technology revolves around messaging. Data volumes have gone through the roof, “Big Data” is the buzzword of the era and we’ve been forced into distributed architectures and in-memory databases to handle the demand. We are now being held back by […]

Kotlin For Web Development

Is Kotlin right for web development? In the world where Python, Javascript, and PHP rule that space. The Total Kotlin Course: Want to hire me?:

Upgrade node js version using command prompt and NVM

Upgrade node js version using command prompt and NVM. Download NVM: