How to Download & Install Java on Windows 7/8 For(64- bit) Step by Step

JAVA JDK Download Link-2019 #JavaInstallation64bit #JavaInstall

Introduction to Kotlin Arrow by Jacob Bass

Funktionale and Kategory have merged into Arrow, consolidating two of the most popular FP libraries in the Kotlin space into one powerhouse. This talk is an introduction to some FP concepts, how the libraries work, what features they bring to the table and where you might use them in your code. Speaker: Jacob Bass Recorded […]

Baskin Tapkan – Drag & Drop Game Design Using MEAN Stack Part1 | 4PM DevFestMn 2015

In this talk, Baskin will go over briefly what the MEAN stack is and the advantages of using it. Then he will show case the application (will be publicly available on Github) which will have elements of drag & drop. As a game example, consider using a simple “Tic Tac Toe” implementation where a JavaScript […]

Learn JS HTML Dom In Arabic #01 – What is DOM?

تعرف على ال DOM ما هو و ما الذي يربطه بالجافا سكريبت و ما الذي يمكن للجافا سكريبت عمله في صفحتك

java multithreading scenario based interview question || Java Concurrency Interview Question

#kkjavatutorials #Java #JavaInterviewQuestion About this Video: Hello Friends, In this video we will talk and learn one of the very important interview question There are two Threads A and B operating on a shared resource R, A needs to inform B that some important changes has happened in R. What technique would you use in […]