Kotlin Scope Functions | Kotlin Tutorial 2019

Kotlin scope functions are one of my favorite things about this programming language. There are five different scope functions which all achieve the same thing: execute a block of code on an object. So when should you use one scope function over another? How do you use each scope function in Kotlin? Well you came […]

how to Inserting Hyper Link in Html [HTML TUTORIALS] Technology Trick

#hyperlink , #TechTechnologyTrick #HTMLTUTORIAL Hello friends , in this video we can learn about “how do insert the hyper link in web pages. how to inserting hyper link in html Web Pages with source code? how to use image marquee tags in html? LINK:- How to use text marquee tag in…

How To Download and Install Forge for Minecraft Java 1.14.4

Hey all! Today I am showing you how to install Forge, so you can run Mods seamlessly! I hope you enjoy! Forge: Minecraft java: Minecraft.net Find me on Instagram for more Minecraft related content! @puppalu_ Music by Attlus – Find his music at the links below ~ Instagram – @_attlus Thumbnail background by: /u/crabtain

Advance Java Frequently Asked Interview Questions And Answers part 4

Advance Java Frequently Asked Interview Questions And Answers part 4 This is the technical interview questions and answers section on “Advanced Java” with explanation for various interview, competitive examination For More Info @

How to Setup Kotlin Plugin with Android Studio

As Google I / O 2017 declared Kotlin as official language for Android Studio. In android studio with version 3.0 Preview kotlin is already added but for lower than that we have to manually configure so this tutorial helps you configure kotlin plugin with android studio…