How to write HTML and CSS faster

Free resource In this video, I will talk about increasing your productivity by writing HTML and CSS code faster. As a beginner, it sometimes becomes frustrating after a while that you have to manually write all that lorem ipsum text or all those tags. We will learn about emmet. Emmet is a free plugin available […]

Java Performance Puzzlers 2018 — New Performance Puzzles – Douglas Hawkins

Everyone worries about performance but few of us have the time to truly understand it. Last year’s talk exposed some puzzling results in Java 7 and 8, but the Java language, APIs, and JVMs keep evolving. In this presentation, we’ll take a look at some surprising and often unintuitive performance problems and solutions, but with […]

KotlinConf 2018 – Making Noise with Kotlin Native by Josh Skeen

Recording brought to you by American Express Kotlin/Native lets you reach beyond the JVM, and into the world of hardware. In this talk we use Kotlin/Native to create a hardware audio synthesizer. You will learn how to interface with C++ libraries and compile and deploy Kotlin to embedded systems. We explore the state of the […]

Dia a dia com MEAN Stack #1

Convido vocês programadores, a me acompanhar na inicialização do meu setup (área de trabalho) e entender o quanto vários monitores são produtivos no desenvolvimento MEAN Stack. O Objetivo deste vídeo não é ensinar mas sim mostrar o quanto fácil se torna o desenvolvimento com o uso de recursos e ferramentas de ponta. Algumas das tecnologias […]