Kotlin For Web Development

Is Kotlin right for web development? In the world where Python, Javascript, and PHP rule that space. The Total Kotlin Course: Want to hire me?:

Upgrade node js version using command prompt and NVM

Upgrade node js version using command prompt and NVM. Download NVM:

CSS Custom Cursor With Hover Effects | Html CSS

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Java Tips and Tricks – 01 to 10

Java Tips and Tricks. Java is one of the most popular object oriented programming languages. We take an hands-on approach using a combination of JShell(An awesome new feature in Java 9) and Eclipse as an IDE to illustrate more than 200 Java Coding Exercises, Puzzles and Code Examples. Course Guide PDF – Installation Guide PDF […]

ANDROID DEVS, KOTLIN IS OFFICIAL! | How to Convert Java Files to Kotlin in Android Studio

LIKE, SHARE, SUBSCRIBE! Check the official tutorial guide: With Google announcing that Kotlin is now the official language for Android development at Google I/O 2017, developers need to start using the streamlined language soon. A good way to start is by converting existing Java code into Kotlin. Here’s how! The code featured is from Kodi […]