Html5 Css3 Simple CARD UI Design – Cool Css 3D Hover Effects – Pure CSS Tutorials

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Java vs python || Myth busted

Here I busted the myth about which language is better java or python or any other language. If you have similar doubts then this video is for you.

Mutiple buttons with different actions in a single HTML form

Suppose in a HTML form with name search_form_results, we have three buttons. One button requires action reports.php, while other two buttons require reportsD.php and reportsA.php. We can use JavaScript function to submit a form with different actions: document.forms[‘search_form_results’].action = ‘reportsA.php’; document.forms[‘search_form_results’].submit(); More about this code:

How to use/check for String variables in the Scanner using Java Neon Eclipse

The purpose of this video is to demonstrate the method and variables required to check/validate a string the user entered using the Scanner. Additionally, it covers how we can check for integers. Please note: I did not optimize the questionnaire (i.e. There isn’t a looping function to go back if there is incorrect data). Here […]