Responsive Services Section Using Only HTML & CSS

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Java Scala Programming Lesson 7 – By using ECLIPSE IDE, development Environment

In this lecture you will see Scala codes, get familiar about them, and understand what that code does. I will describe the code line by line by using a sophisticated Integrated Development Environment (i.e. ECLIPSE IDE), and show the output after it is interpreted. From the easiest examples up to more sophisticated and handy-ones we’ll […]

HTML abbr tag

Abbreviation tag in html The HTML abbreviation tag represents an abbreviation and optionally provides a full description for it.

Bulk Importing JSON into ElasticSearch and Kibana

See: for full documentation.

C++ vs Java: Which One is Most Powerful Language

C++ and Java is having lots of similarities because both are the object oriented programming languages. But still there is lots of difference between C++ vs Java. Here is this video we have compared these languages on the basis of some criteria. Watch the video till the end to find the best language to learn […]