Create a ImageSlider with ViewPager in Android | Android Studio 3.1.2 | Kotlin | 2018

In this tutorial, we learn about ViewPager. Android provides many UI controls to create beautiful UI screens for your apps. One common UI requirement is sliding between multiple screens. For example, a photo slideshow. Android provides a UI control for creating sliding screens called the ViewPager. This tutorial explains the implementation and working of ViewPager. […]

I P class 12 JAVA PROGRAMMING Part-6 (ERROR Finding Questions) || Latest updates 2018

1.Informatics Practices class 12 Latest updates 2018 2.Java Output Finding Latest updates 2018 3.Theory Based Solved Questions on Java Latest updates 2018 4.Informatics Practices class 12 CBSE Latest updates 2018 5.IP Class 12 CBSE This video is made especially for students of class XII who have opted Informatics Practices as a subject under CBSE curriculum. […]

Android Kotlin Tutorial – Take photo from camera

Take photo from camera in Android with Kotlin (using Dexter to request runtime permission) This video show you how to take photo from camera step by step Website : Twitter: Facebook : Link source code: android kotlin tutorial, android development tutorial, android programming tutorial, android app development tutorial, android tutorial for…

Form tutorial in Html

HTML Form tutorials in Nepali