Java Interview Q&A on Multi-Threading

For any java/devops/developer/lead position related interview assistance/guidance/help, you can reach out me @ In this session, I explained most frequently asked Java interview questions and answers on Java Multi-Threading. This session helps you to prepare for the java interview on Multi-threading concept easily.

How to create a earning website like paywao etc php html java ces css how earn money with web

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Testing Java Code Effectively by Andres Almiray

The Java ecosystem has myriads of libraries and projects that can be used to create the features our customers require, there’s no shortage of options everywhere you look when it comes to writing production code. But what about testing code? If you ascribe to the Clean Code ideals then you know that testing code is […]

Free Seminar on Android App Development with Jetpack & Kotlin, Part -02

PencilBox Training ও BITM এর যৌথ উদ্যোগে বেসিস অডিটোরিয়াম এ “Android App Development with Jetpack & Kotlin” বিষয়ক একটি ফ্রি সেমিনার চলছে। যেখানে প্রধান বক্তা হিসেবে আছেন আমাদের সবার প্রিয় Syed Tanvir Ahmad, লিড ট্রেইনার, বিআইটিএম। লিঙ্কডইন…

CSS video tutorial – 48 – text decoration vs (html u, ins)

CSS video tutorial – 48 – text decoration vs (html u, ins) CSS text-decoration property: It used to specify the line formatting of the text to be displayed Values: none | underline | line-through | overline ========================================= Follow the link for next video: CSS video tutorial – 49 – CSS text decoration vs (html s, […]