Building a Barcode Scanner with Google Mobile Vision API – Android Tutorial (Kotlin) – 2018

Check out my app Tooly: Learn how to develop a simple Barcode Scanner App using Google’s top of the line Mobile Vision API Library! My first tutorial video!

Countdown clock in JS using HTML & CSS | JavaScript Tutorials | Web Development Tutorials

This video is about creating a countdown clock in JS using HTML & CSS. Website: Donate & Support: Source code for “Countdown clock in JS”:

Improve BI 4.0 P&R by using Java's Parallel Garbage Collector

This video shows how to turn on the Java Parallel Garbage Collector for services in BI4.0. Making the change can improve both performance and reliability by having the services paused for garbage collection for a much shorter period of time. Visit us at to view our full catalog of interactive SAP BusinessObjects BI Suite tutorials.

Using Raw HTML Plugin

Using Raw HTML Plugin

5 Best Java Books You Must Read

1. Best Java Books(International): 2. Best Java Books(For Indians): |————- ( Click On Show More ) —————- | Best Java Programming Courses: 1. Complete Java MasterClass: 2. Best Java Courses: | ——————————————————————– | Get 17000+ Premium Video Courses(Free): |…