Coding Fun Java Old Archive: SK with 64bit Java & perform. tweaks

Old Archive: SK with 64bit Java & perform. tweaks

Don’t mess with anything in the Spiral Knights folder if you don’t know what you are doing. Do at your own risk.

Source to this Performance Tweak:

Java archive for outdated Java versions. The currently newest Java version does not work for what we want…

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6 thoughts on “Old Archive: SK with 64bit Java & perform. tweaks”

  1. Good-Spirit says:

    Finally got around to doing this. Thanks for posting the link etc 🙂

  2. RuNa says:

    i cant run at 64 bits, when i do what u did in the video, the steam update the spiral knights game and goes to 32 bit version again

  3. Pelequetren says:

    It works! in 2018… thanks!

  4. exuse me this jre6 folder never shows up i only have one aall this stuff seems to not be working for me

  5. Trennos SK says:

    Illu, I bet you´ve seen the folder you rename from Java_vm to _backup. And add Jre6. Do you think REPLACING THE ORIGINAL SK Java_VM Folder with a Jre7 for example would crash the game or improve performance? Has this been tried yet.

  6. U know what will improve any1's gaming experience? Add music 😀

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