Coding Fun Html No.1 D5 Part 4 Clock Skin Creation Workshop – Multi-Rotation

No.1 D5 Part 4 Clock Skin Creation Workshop – Multi-Rotation

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This is a special addition to our training segment on watch face rotation techniques to go over the multi-rotation concept and how to implement it in code. We also talk about changing rotational direction, a concept which wasn’t working in the watch engine but which has been fixed with the latest D5 firmware update.

Here’s the link to download and install the latest…

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9 thoughts on “No.1 D5 Part 4 Clock Skin Creation Workshop – Multi-Rotation”

  1. How i can add, edit or view list of array types please

  2. There are two watchmaker watch faces I would like to import to my No.1 D5 and K18 Smartwatches. Is there an primer for how to accomplish importing and exporting Watchmaker and Facer files into the No. 1 D5 and K18 XCDMA smartwatches??
    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Hey there, Mr. Ticks: I think you should know that for 17 months, since a Facebook rant at the end of 2014, I have vowed never to own a "smartwatch" because I thought that the companies that made them were more interested in getting a monthly payment than actually making the features we (OK, I) want on my wrist. I don't even have a smartphone: I use an iPod Touch, so I am DQed from most from the start. But I did mention that if someone could make a watch that told time without using the blocky ugly digits we've looked at for 40 years, and sell it for a reasonable price, and make it easy to rotate between different faces, I'd be in. I looked at the Pebble offerings and some others, but they all seemed to skimp on screen resolution. The No. 1 D5 and the Finow X5's 400×400 and AMOLEDs brought me closer to pulling the trigger, and I ordered a Finow X5 last week after Donald Trump became the presumptive nominee–seemed fitting to order something from China in response!

  4. my smartwatch d5  stuck in Boot Up and do not know what to do

  5. Ido Aflalo says:

    I finally found an easy way to root you watch in one min.
    All you need is to install kingoroot and press try to root.

  6. Dan Purnell says:

    Hi, and thank you for sharing. we had picked up a couple of the iwatch (clone) from aliexpress. Which turned out to be a very bad choice. i came across the No1 D5, then your respected reviews. i think in mnow time i just may be wearing on of these wearables that truly perform. again thank you for sharing, truly educational…

  7. fjseron says:

    I have a problem with the watch. It turns off very often, I do not know why…I try to start it again but it does not make any move or sound. I have to plug it to the charger, and then it works again. As soon as it starts I can unplugued it and it works normally again. It happends three or four times every week. Has somebody this problem too? thank you!

  8. michaelmakro says:

    Nice YouTube workshop for St. Patrick's day & greetings from Ireland. I'm learning more each day from these. Can't wait for more useful tips & apps for the phone. I used to be able to get notifications & emails from my iPhone when I first got it but for some reason they just stopped. The more I learn, the more I hope to be able to be able to get more from this wee watch. Keep up the good work. Love it.  MM

  9. looks like a cool watch… I'm starting to lean towards it as a secondary choice… one question though… do any of the watch faces have interactions?

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