Coding Fun Java My Computer Science Projects/Assignments – First Year (Python & Java)

My Computer Science Projects/Assignments – First Year (Python & Java)

I just finished my first year of computer science so I decided to show you all of my projects! See all of my first year computer science projects and assignments and hear me talk about their difficulty and purpose. I also step through some of the code.

Hopefully this gives you an idea of what first year programming classes are like and what to expect.


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17 thoughts on “My Computer Science Projects/Assignments – First Year (Python & Java)”

  1. Any other computer science majors here?

  2. Make a video of a day in your life as a computer science student

  3. Would you be able to share one or two examples of longer input files for assignment 4 (the social networking one)? I'd like to use them to test my code. No worries if you can't. This video was already very useful and I'm thankful you posted it. ?

  4. Excel says:

    I am in my final year.

  5. Ziam Jan says:

    How do you come up with a python project to do as a beginner/ intermediate in python

  6. When did you finish high school?

  7. Niteesh says:

    Can you post all your assignments and projects in your website?
    , it would really helpful for us to practise.

  8. cool cool says:

    Please post all your assignment questions in ur website

  9. Jim Ryan says:

    Thank you for this!!

  10. what will you specialize with? and why?

  11. You’re good at comp sci . I’d like to know you

  12. I'm currently studying computer science for my GCSEs and have used your tutorials for some of my programming projects which I had to do and you've always been very helpful – for example I used your online multiplayer python tutorial to create a full Uno clone which can be played with 4 people playing on different computers online (I used port forwarding to achieve this) and I used turtle to display cards on screen and stuff. (Only took me a week and 2000 lines of code! ?)
    But keep up the great work! ?

  13. Jim Presting says:

    No hardware subjects?

  14. You'll have a great day

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  15. Matthew Jia says:


    (Great vid BTW)

  16. From one programmer to another, you are an inspiration! This video has more views in 10 seconds than all the videos combined on my channel. I even code live, teach programming, and motivate programmers….. maybe someday!

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