Coding Fun Java Modding for Dummies -1- Setting Up MCP

Modding for Dummies -1- Setting Up MCP

Minecraft Coder Pack – For (1.5.2) –
EditRocket –

Other java IDE’s
Eclipse :
Dr Java :
IntelliJ IDEA :

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4 thoughts on “Modding for Dummies -1- Setting Up MCP”

  1. TheKathiest says:

    Out of pure curiosity: Where are you from? Trying to figure out your accent 😀
    Nice tutorials!

  2. Spaceguy230 says:

    When I try to decompile, at the very top of the command prompt, this error pops up:

    "scalac" is not found on the PATH. Scala files will not be recompiled.

    Is that going to be a problem?

  3. TommyQ17 says:

    can you do a tutorial on setting up 1.6.2 in eclipse?

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