Coding Fun Java Method Return Types – Java Beginner Tutorial #14

Method Return Types – Java Beginner Tutorial #14

Moving back into the Class / Methods Topic

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9 thoughts on “Method Return Types – Java Beginner Tutorial #14”

  1. AliM says:

    Gj! but what have you done at 0:58?

  2. Mighty KC says:

    job well done kid. you deserve a like and automatically subscription. all it takes is a kid to finally learn and understand method & return type.

  3. Shamy unix says:

    oh God..just listen to your voice make me feel want to study programming in java again. You're better than my lecture, easy to understand. btw, i'm 29 and i'm now learning from this young man. wow.

  4. Venu Reddy says:

    Great explanation. Good job.

  5. Aaron Loomis says:

    WOW! No offense but how old are you!? This video helped me finally understand when to return a value. You do such a great job explaining everything! Thankyou!

  6. yoav tamir says:

    this videos are awesome, suddenly i understand alot more!

  7. Mr. JESS says:

    you are good than to my prof

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