Coding Fun Mean Stack MEAN Stack App Part 14: Confirm/Match Password w/AngularJS

MEAN Stack App Part 14: Confirm/Match Password w/AngularJS

Topics covered in this video:
-Custom Directives with AngularJS
-Implementing a Confirm Password field that must match
-Check Database for username and email

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8 thoughts on “MEAN Stack App Part 14: Confirm/Match Password w/AngularJS”

  1. Nick Doll says:

    I need some help i already started on the new video but after i wass done to test the login for email it did gave me the error Ensure Username, Email, and password were provided !!! need some help with it to fix it !

  2. Nick Doll says:

    Im getting a error at 9:18 TypeError: v2.checkUsername is not a function in the console

  3. Sheepy99 says:

    Something interesting around the 15:00 mark when the loading span is introduced:
    – When you tab out of a textbox, the load icon appears as is intended.
    – Then the relevant message displays, but the icon is still visible for a few moments.
    – Remember in our userCtrl, we set the checkingUsername/checkingEmail boolean to false before setting the actual message.
    I would imagine that a boolean is less bytes than the string in question, which makes me wonder:

    Once we tab out of the textbox and the load icon appears, shouldn't it disappear again before the message gets a chance to appear?

    If you throttle your connection to the slowest speed, you'll easily see what i've described.
    (F12 + Performance + Network + set to GPRS…shown in earlier video by David).

    Not important but food for thought!

  4. sucks tony says:

    hey david, i follow exactly your code, and i also getting the same resume as yours, but i realized mind code cannot register new user, and i am getting "Ensure username, email, and password were provided" message from the api.js file, and i think it might has the problem with the password, and it cant pass to the backend, am i in the right track?

  5. Hey, have compared my code to yours. it looks the same and the validation part in minute 9:28 doesn't work for me. The message for email doesn't display at all and the one for username doesn't change the invalid one to red, can you help me?

  6. I have a problem at 23:26 error SyntaxError: Unexpected end of JSON input

  7. beanwaffle says:

    So far I'm loving this series. Only one observation: When using these functions in order to check for the username/email it's giving me an error saying that a token is required. Is there a way to bypass the token requiremend for certain requests?

  8. Soju Thomas says:

    i don't understand why you are using a custom directive in forgot password that achievable without using directives ?how about just compare the scope value of each field in that a bad approach ?

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