Coding Fun Html Learn HTML in 12 Minutes

Learn HTML in 12 Minutes

In this short HTML tutorial, I explain the basic structure of an HTML webpage and introduce some important tags.

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50 thoughts on “Learn HTML in 12 Minutes”

  1. Tamilmaran C says:

    fantastic and very simple manner example

  2. My picture does not show up it just has a x on my webpage where the picture should be on my website. What am I doing wrong


    w3schools is a great website to learn html in an easy way. if you like to discover some more useful websites, check them out on my blog

  4. Nearly every website? Nahh. Python is more popular

  5. I like the way you teach HTML. I have created a short tutorial to Learn HTML with VS Code here :

  6. What if there is no folder under “html”?

  7. Very good tutorial bro

  8. Manjil Joshi says:

    You sound like David Beckham.

  9. So happy there's no damn intro. Intros are so annoying

  10. Dark_Enders says:

    this taught me more than school tbh

  11. Murali Bura says:


  12. Red Dragon says:

    Me is learning dis at school

  13. Thanks for sharing Jake. This is a big help for me..

  14. I’m completely new on this can someone tell me if possible copy and paste long paragraphs to avoid rewriting i mean hope this questions is not dumb but honestly I don’t know anything about it
    Thanks the video is amazing btw

  15. Guys I do tutorials for HTML in Greek but I insert English subs too. If you can support my channel by hit subscribe. thank you, keep coding!!!!

  16. KANTANAF says:

    first hated the whole programming shit.
    Now i regret the days where i skipped the programming classes about html and etc.
    Love it all now and i want to learn more 🙂

  17. George Gitau says:

    I started learning programming by myself … anyone with tips

  18. shabir Bhat says:

    This video also helps me to learn to create html landing page with contact form

  19. BEST 12 minutes of my life. LOVE tutorials like this…

  20. <html>
    <title> Comment on Jake's video </ title>
    <h1> Thank you for this video Jake! It was really helpful</ h1>
    <p> I just thought to practice writing the comment, hopefully I will be writing it successfully !< br /> thumps up if you agree </ p>
    </ html>

  21. Arek says:

    rofl u are the only one that make me happy

  22. DominoDom says:

    This was extremely helpful, thank you!

  23. -祥亮 says:

    why some put </p> and some put <hr/> ??? whats the different between infront / and behind /

  24. ali raza says:

    I learned so much from you

  25. Image won't load , it just shows the icon of image instead of the actual image..??

  26. Class 10 board exam preparation ke liye helpful hai

  27. Thanks man! + Subscribed

  28. Rishav says:

    Thanks man 🙂 really appreciate it

  29. rozain says:

    Thanks man apreciate it

  30. The easiest and the best explanation of html. It really helped me get the idea of html.

  31. Taco Snoz says:

    I could not get the picture to show on the webpage, it just showed a kind of blank file thing.

  32. Youtube is powerful, even a video of 2010 is still useful in 2019

  33. I'm watching in 2019, too!

  34. <html>
    BODYbgcolor <></title

  35. Kindly anyone guide me to how to upload any webpage to google to let others to watch that online?
    Is there any benefit in it?

  36. I want to open this file with Chrome.. How can I do it

  37. Vertixty says:

    The only video on YouTube that teaches coding. Thank you for teaching me how to web code.

  38. thx 🙂 it hepled alot

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