Coding Fun Kotlin Kotlin: The Future Of Android Development?

Kotlin: The Future Of Android Development?

What Programming Language Should Programmers Learn In 2019? ?
What Programming Language Should Programmers Learn In 2019? ?

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Kotlin: The Future Of Android…

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41 thoughts on “Kotlin: The Future Of Android Development?”

  1. What about fucshia os that google working on..heard it will replace android

  2. If kotlin is future, what is the purpose of flutter?

  3. paul vickers says:

    I would say there is a need to learn both if you look at the jobs, also if you plan on getting your android certification, I think the exam uses Java. I am learning the android platform in Java first, when I get a good understanding I will learn kotlin also.

  4. Rohit sain says:

    Hey John I think about do android development but which language I must learn java and kotlin I have nothing experience about any programming language pleased reply soon..

  5. macali says:

    i was a website developer then swift developer then i just try java for android, and java is very difficult compare to my previous experiences. there are too many code just to make a basic listview. and some code are unnecessary in my opinion. one example is the array. with swift i can use one type of array like this — var example = ["example1"] — i can add/append,insert,delete, modifiy that array, while java have 2 as far as i know one of them is — String[] example ={"example1"}; — this type of you cannot change it ever, you cannot add more stuff into it. to add something to array you have to delete that array and replace it with another array like this ArrayList<String> example = new ArrayList<>(); then add something like this example.add("example"); why java need 2 when swift can do it all with one type. and i am sure there are many more complication with java. it very frustating for new come to try java. and dont get me started on Fragment or customview on java.

  6. Sulfen says:

    I've been saying "cuddlin" all this time… I butchered it beyond repair.

  7. Will Android also survive for 20?? I don't think so. WHAT U ALL THINK???

  8. Ash B says:

    You look more like a fitness expert 🙂

  9. tr233 says:

    i dont like syntax of kotlin it hides a lot of stuff, but if ruins android platform i am ok with this.

  10. Awesome video man! Kotlin certainly is a very pleasant language to work with 🙂

  11. Terry Jacobs says:

    This jabbering brings no value. Coatlin ? JetBrains ? Are you so in love with your good looks that you feel a babbling video with nothing to actually to say is helpful ?

  12. i felt like it's a different situation cuz swift was pushed as like objective C-2 but java is in way more stuff than just android so like just the time someone puts into java is gonna be more worth it but android now has kotlin to compete with swift to let people use an easier to read language

  13. Google is replacing Java as an end-run in their lawsuit with Oracle. So this is not the same thing as Google moving us forward with a better language just to be good guys like what Apple did with Swift which really was a way to move software development forward. But like John says, focus on the platform not the language. And maybe someday React Native or Xamarin or NativeScript will be good enough that we won't have to code Android apps directly.

  14. zzz says:

    Does this have anything to do with Google being so pissed off by what Oracle did when they sue Google?

  15. John Aran says:

    What about JPython or Jython? Why not?

  16. Mahmud Ahsan says:

    Very well said, agreed!

  17. Doinky Deano says:

    Personally, keep to what you learned first. All the other languages should be seen as choices away from your primary. See what the need is and what you like. I learned java in school and stuck with it. Tried C but Kotlin is kwl

  18. Hi
    I am a COBOL programming and quitted programming few years back.
    And I am interested in learning Mobile programming on Android first but not know how to start.

    Will you be able to guide?

    I can get watsup on 966568643377. Abuaiman


  19. IOS is the best man and also unity 😉

  20. Sungguk Lim says:

    His talk is so true. It takes a long time to adopt new language than you expected.

  21. please add english subtitle.thank you.

  22. Nikan says:

    I learned kotlin in a week
    Thanks John i found a job and made them beg me to work there ?

  23. Dave Park says:

    Not only Apple's Swift, but I feel like Oracle played a role here as well

  24. Hey John! I'm Kevin. Thanks a lot for taking the time and caring to respond. I'll play a bit with it and see if I like it or prefer Java. I have noticed that people talk a lot of trash about hybrid development. They think it's for loosers, so I wish to stick with native.

    It's been a while since I posted the question, but I understand you are very busy preparing great content for Simple programmer, still, you care about getting things done and got back to me.

    Trusting the process,

  25. FDJustin says:

    Another C based (Or scala?) language, huh? Clearly you should be migrating to 8th.
    But seriously, a very quick search on it suggests it's extremely easy to convert your Java projects to it, so it should be easy to test with your current projects and pick up; see if you like it.

  26. False Knight says:

    All these people creating new programming languages reminded me of something. Programming languages can always be improved and just because everyone is using a certain language that everyone uses doesn't mean it's the best and is everlasting. Reinventing the wheel can bring better ways of doing something instead of using something that is old. Not just in programming but in other things too.

  27. KoiFlow says:

    Been waiting for a video from you about Kotlin. Great stuff!

  28. Try Kotlin for once you won't feel like touching java. But I think a new programmer must learn Java, Scala and then try Kotlin.

  29. ohLyln says:

    Anyone have good resources for learning kotlin, or at least point me in the right direction?

  30. Will take your advice and hit the ground running with Kotlin.

  31. Sean oo says:

    Kotlin like the bed in the basement not the thing you wear when it's cold

  32. Lazy Bear says:

    Moving from Java to Kotlin is fairly easy. It has full interoperability with Java (except Java 8, it still has some issues there), so you can fall back to Java code if you want. You can always start incorporating Kotlin in your codebase very slowly, just start with a few small utility classes (I recommend DTO's – they are beautiful in Kotlin) here and there, and then when you're comfortable with the language you can try moving more significant parts of your project to Kotlin. The only reason not to start learning Kotlin right now is that it's very young and is still undergoing changes.

  33. Check out dart and flutter, it will be the future.. Also fuchsia

  34. in last 2 months i have studied lots of java, i have watched you java fundamentals 1 and 2 and some other java and android specific courses on plularsight. Do you think i should go to Kotlin cuz am new to java, i have learned a lot but still really new?

  35. Wow I was scared for a friend that is an android developer (using primarily java).

  36. Also remember that Kotlin (and Scala) makes heavy use of existing Java infrastructure. While those languages have their advantages you still want to know most of what comes with the JDK and whatever legacy code you might have.

  37. Great video John!

    Just a few points to add:

    1) Kotlin and Ceylon are 2 of the future languages on the JVM.

    2) You can convert Java into Kotlin and Kotlin into Java using the Android Studio

    3) 1000s of libraries and and classes are still written in Java so Java ain't going anywhere anytime soon (as you have said)

    4) Google have officially stated that Kotlin is not going to replace Java. It is simply another option that Google is investing in. Furthermore, Google is still going to their support and investments in Java and C++ for Android development.

  38. Dev Landing says:

    Nice video John on Kotlin!

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