Coding Fun Kotlin Kotlin for Beginners – Part 1 – WHY LEARN KOTLIN?

Kotlin for Beginners – Part 1 – WHY LEARN KOTLIN?

In this video series, we will learn the Kotlin programming language from scratch.

In part 1, we will learn where Kotlin can be used and what advantages it has to over other programming languages like Java.

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10 thoughts on “Kotlin for Beginners – Part 1 – WHY LEARN KOTLIN?”

  1. Merthan E. says:

    How far will this series go?
    Will it just teach the basics?

    Also something important you should mention at some point is that Kotlin often uses immutable lists unlike Java, that probably confuses a lot of people at first

  2. Finally I can learn Kotlin

  3. hdk loh says:

    I will suggest Flutter instead of Kotlin; because you will stick to Android only. Instead of that by Flutter you will build your native application on both Android n iOS. Also Google recently push support for Web Development using Flutter, so you will be a truly full stack developer..

  4. That1guy says:

    You got my support all the way 😀

  5. Pafo says:

    My man, I was just switching to kotlin and yesterday was looking for a tutorial from you and boom here it is.

  6. Don't forget RX Java sir..🙏
    Thank you 🔥

  7. Hey guys, here some more informations about this video series:

    1) For now, I will keep making my Android tutorials in Java. I will eventually switch to Kotlin on Android as well, but I don't know yet when exactly.

    2) This course will be a longterm project. I will release more and more parts over time, but I will also keep making videos about other topics (Android). So please be patient with me here.

    3) I set this video to "Premiere" a bit prematurely. It is possible that I have to delete and re-upload the video before it gets released. So check back tomorrow to see if the reminder is still active!

  8. H. Petersen says:

    I hope you're switching to Kotlin, because it's sooo much simpler 🙂 looking forward to the stream

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