Coding Fun Kotlin Kotlin Android Tutorial – News Reader Apps Part 2 Display News

Kotlin Android Tutorial – News Reader Apps Part 2 Display News

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In this tutorial , you will learn how to load all news from source and view detail of news

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23 thoughts on “Kotlin Android Tutorial – News Reader Apps Part 2 Display News”

  1. I tried your tutorial for news app reader:, but for some reason, my news are not loading, I can load all the sources, but it doesn't work to click on them, literally the click doesn't work

  2. sir in my case some of the news link are working properly and some of them are not working and crashed.

    This is the crash news link logcat 🙁

    2018-12-28 20:02:10.219 15329-15329/com.example.deveshshukla.newsnation_allnewspaperinoneapp E/AndroidRuntime: FATAL EXCEPTION: main

    Process: com.example.deveshshukla.newsnation_allnewspaperinoneapp, PID: 15329


    at com.example.deveshshukla.newsnation_allnewspaperinoneapp.Adapter.ViewHolder.ListNewsAdapter.onBindViewHolder(ListNewsAdapter.kt:52)

    at com.example.deveshshukla.newsnation_allnewspaperinoneapp.Adapter.ViewHolder.ListNewsAdapter.onBindViewHolder(ListNewsAdapter.kt:16)




  3. Sir plss add search view in this news app it will be great full for the user experience 😊

  4. Fiyana says:

    im getting error in retrofit responbody, plz helpme

  5. Tech Profy says:

    I question some sites like island when navigation is not shown something and then close the application
    What reason

  6. Sr.. please halp me :- Kotlin.UninitializedPropertyAccessException :lateinit property itemClickListener has not been initialized
    At com.example.avijit.newsp.Adapter.ViewHolder.ListNewsViewHolder.onClick(ListNewsViewHolder.kt:26)

  7. Hi Sir,

    You were using BBC API key in the video , but in the final result accessed ABC news , please let me know where i am wrong and wen i click ABC news nothing happens , please let me know the mail ID so i can mail the code , i exactly followed yours.

  8. Alex Karpov says:

    Why don't you use data class () ?

  9. I am having a problem with news list below Top-Hot news, an article is blank and I can see only "Title" and "21 hr ago" and Top-Hot news does not open. Help here. Thank you.

  10. Watana Inged says:

    You are CODE genius 🙂

  11. Tjz Kp says:

    Sir sorry to disturb you here also.. please help me.. i am stuck with this issue..i cant go forward without clearing this error.. help me plz. in android pro chat app.. this is my log.. i cant click any chat person or group.. app crashes.. log here

  12. @razavi says:

    Brother, please make a notification app when app is killed or not running pelase pelase

  13. please make live wallpaper project

  14. Aasis Shakya says:

    Uber clone series sir.when is uber clone series continuing?

  15. m veerendra says:

    hi bro how to convert angular js web site to android app pls share the video bro.

  16. Animes Spy says:

    First please complete all the tutorials of live wallpaper app.

  17. Vaithi Ebby says:

    i'm getting error in food app part37(""expected a string but was begin_object at line 1 column 2 path $ ) in my app

  18. Manik Biswas says:

    Hello Sir Please me.
    Who is the best ide for android game development ??

  19. Please answer my question on tutorial of camera2 api…

  20. Please sir video me sound rakhiye.

  21. Hamza Ashraf says:

    You are Awesome 🙂 😀

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