Coding Fun Html jsPDF Tutorial – Part 2: Exporting HTML to PDF file

jsPDF Tutorial – Part 2: Exporting HTML to PDF file

How to use jsPDF to convert HTML to PDF file dynamically when user click the link. This video will guide you how to export HTML element to PDF file via jsPDF with short javascript and jQuery!

Code Example:
jsPDF Github:

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24 thoughts on “jsPDF Tutorial – Part 2: Exporting HTML to PDF file”

  1. Failed to load resource: net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET
    2(index):44 Uncaught ReferenceError: jsPDF is not defined
    at genPDF ((index):44)
    at <anonymous>:1:1

    i can't download pdf

  2. i tried the jsFiddle and i came across with a problem from the first 1.5 minute before than "hidediv" the link isn't working
    basically not even your jsfiddle is working

  3. I keep getting the error… '$' is not defined. I am using your code directly from your video and yet the code doc.fromHTML($('#testdiv').get(0), 20, 20,{ 'width':500}); This line is broken. it breaks at the $ sign…


  4. it work like charm..thanku so much

  5. lucky sharma says:

    Text is getting overwritten in pdf.
    Please tell me the solution.

  6. Varun sharma says:

    Created Pdf file contains unknown character instead of html text.
    i used <meta charset="utf-8"> for character set.
    Please help me.

  7. M Yaqoob says:

    not working please help i really need it?

  8. Kathiravan T says:

    its working for first page in the pdf, remaining pages are not coming……I want full html page to pdf (say 4 pages)

  9. Hi
    great job!!

    please, you can say me How to export HTML <input> and <textarea> tag data into pdf?

  10. GeekUpdates says:

    How to export HTML <input> and <textarea> tag data into pdf?

  11. Thanks you very much, have been looking for how to manipulate the width property all along. 😀

  12. NOE BARAJAS says:

    Hi I'm new to this programming, I have a problem to generate a report that should carry a footer and header, could you please help me

  13. Prem Ananth says:

    Thanks for your video. This method is not picking up the dynamic content. I tried using html2canvas ( to convert my dynamic contents to a canvas image and tried to generate PDF. It gave me a blank PDF. Can anyone please help me to generate PDF from a dynamically loaded html page?

    I found the solution in your next video:
    Thank you so much!

  14. James Tuttle says:

    looking for resources to use javascript on index.html to search in textBox for PDFs stored local or Intranet

  15. karlos alol says:

    it doe s not work for me…!!!

  16. 🙁 when i click on the link there is no action 🙁 and i am sure my code syntax is true and the library included too

  17. blackcalist0 says:

    is it possible to customize the design of pdf output – by applying some CSS?

  18. Mehdi Nijay says:

    when i use display : none; the pdf file gets messy

  19. FYI, I had an 'oh duh' moment where this wasn't working because the '$' wasn't defined. So make sure you have JQuery enabled as another script:
    <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

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