Coding Fun Java JavaFX Java GUI Tutorial – 4 – Switching Scenes

JavaFX Java GUI Tutorial – 4 – Switching Scenes

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39 thoughts on “JavaFX Java GUI Tutorial – 4 – Switching Scenes”

  1. User Unknown says:

    4:42 "Boom, roasted." I honestly love you man, hahaha. I could watch you teach anything, even if I wasn't interested in it to begin with.

  2. Perfect tutorial! Thanks man 🙂

  3. Thank you!!!!
    you solved my problem.

  4. Why are the Scene objects outside the start method? I tried declaring it inside the start method and it generated an error.

  5. Zach Atillo says:

    Back when I was highschool, I learned to make a go kart from this guy… now in college and still learning from this guy… YOU DA MAN!

  6. aj_ wadhwani says:

    just love to hear this word from you.. Button ??

  7. WILLY ICE says:


  8. d123s404 says:

    If you're getting a "cannot find symbold class Label" error then you need to add this line to your imports list:
    import javafx.scene.control.Label;

  9. The video is great! GREAT! Thanks a lot!

  10. gust xw says:

    theres just something awesome about desktop apps anyone agree?

  11. Wh at says:

    you are fucking great but I want you to listen to something important
    the quality of camera isnt that good
    please solve that issue thank you bye love u

  12. Hey what if I created label2 then where would it display, in scene 1 or scene 2… Explain please

  13. hahaha I love switching scenes. Don't know why it reminded me of "baby got back"

  14. D. Armenta says:

    great video series, thx a lot

  15. Hey MR! your tutorials are pretty good but you are very fast on explanation.Thanks Sir!

  16. Thank for your video, fund stuff!

  17. Matteo Pepe says:

    Why do I get this error when I change scenes after like 4 times: Exception in thread "JavaFX Application Thread" java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: The owner node needs to be associated with a window

  18. wil drap says:

    I found out that you need to code in order to have the design layout… is there a tutorial of yours that focuses on the layout first before coding.

  19. So is there a way to compartmentalize the code for your screens? Or is it just all in one flow (all in the main class)?

  20. Kaodite says:

    "Boom, roasted.." haha

  21. Ivan Pantic says:

    Great tutorial…!!! I can't wait to see you old, fat and bold! 🙂 Greatings

  22. Mr Daniel says:

    Thanks bucky! Love your old tuts <3

  23. My SetonAction() method is not working . 🙁

  24. Zeke Kwok says:

    ?Love your courses so much

  25. Stuart Biggs says:

    This scene switching is now out of date and doesn't work in java8 with fx

  26. Hassan Yasin says:

    hey @thenewboston! Thanks for the tutorial. Very clear and easily understandable. I was just wondering how can we show the username typed in textfield of scene 1 to the label of scene 2. I can display it by saving it in a variable then using a refresh button on scene 2 which will update that label by the value saved in that variable. But i do not know how to display it automatically just after the shift to scene 2 without using a button.

  27. Who's this guy? Give him a medal please, he deserves it for his service and his attitude.

  28. Thanks! Just what i needed, plus funny melody at 8:05 😀

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