Coding Fun Java Java vs C# in 2019 | Which one to learn in 2019 to get job?

Java vs C# in 2019 | Which one to learn in 2019 to get job?

This is my opinion about java vs c# in 2018
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14 thoughts on “Java vs C# in 2019 | Which one to learn in 2019 to get job?”

  1. Fidan Gill says:

    Set speed to 1.25 and thank me later. This guy reminds me of the sloths of the movie Zootopia. lol

  2. Set the playing speed to 1.5 or you'll fall asleep. Good comparison though!

  3. How about other devices and embedded systems ? is Microsoft ready for all devices which Java runs ?

  4. Alex Norway says:

    Dont you mean hello world? Opps thats python

  5. What would be best if you know a language like Python and you wanted to use Java or C# for something like internet of things, or robotics? I suspect that Java will have the lead in this because it is on so many devices.

  6. John Morris says:

    Fair review on both. Have you taken a look recently at how Java plummeted right after Oracles announcement of charging for the SDK when version 11 was released?

  7. fair review coming from a "Dot Net"…lol

  8. I envisaged your position even before watching based on the channel’s name. All the features you mentioned are in java. Again why comparing java with .net/core and not c#?

  9. Most of the features you mentioned on c# added to java in java8 so they are equal in that area.(except namespace)

  10. Good video. Thank you! (Subscribed)

  11. The music on the background this time is much more plasant!

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