Coding Fun Java Java Tutorial For Beginners 6 – Math and Arithmetic Operators in Java

Java Tutorial For Beginners 6 – Math and Arithmetic Operators in Java

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Java – Basic Operators
Basics of the Java operators
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Assignment, Arithmetic, and Unary Operators
Basics of the Java operators
Java Or…

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41 thoughts on “Java Tutorial For Beginners 6 – Math and Arithmetic Operators in Java”

  1. You don't need to write the whole System.out.println(), You can write it as, Sysout (Ctrl+space), it will print the same. Only valid for Eclipse.

  2. Fantastic…thank you so much!

  3. thanks a lot you so much…i will tell my friends to subscribe you..keep it up

  4. Superb Teaching…!!!
    Watching this one can def. get a job in java company with a little bit of practice.

  5. Iman Ahmadi says:

    Thank you so much for your great videos! I could create my very first java program which is a calculator with this video :)))

  6. paulo deleon says:

    i mean voice wtf??!!!

  7. paulo deleon says:

    your boys is too soft

  8. Thank you, your videos benefit me 🙂

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  10. why u hv written answer=+answer their cn u explain tht

  11. Using the user enter method:

    package first;
    import java.util.Scanner;
    public class MyProgram{
    public static void main(String[] args) {
    int x,y,ans;
    System.out.print("PLEASE ENTER THE FIRST NUMBER : ");
    Scanner a = new Scanner(;
    x = a.nextInt();
    System.out.print("PLEASE ENTER THE SECOND NUMBER : ");
    Scanner b = new Scanner(;
    ans = x+y;
    System.out.println("Your required value is = " + ans);

  12. Tariq Ali says:

    Your teaching is very easy and understandable.
    Thank you so much to teach step by step.

  13. great sir, thanks for this tutorials sir, a lot to learn👍👍

  14. Thanks Sir. But I'm the beginner to learn of class tenth ICSE student. so, I WILL be thankful to you If u say from the basic i. e., from elementary concept of classes & object, History and development of Java

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  16. FluxX says:

    I have a question for someone that can help
    why use
    System.out.println("Answer = " + answer);
    instead of just
    I need a more in depth explanation,I know he mentions it concatenates the values but how and why does it benefit the coder?

  17. Ishu Kapoor says:

    while changing subtract operator why we will not change the concatenation operator?

  18. raja sekhar says:

    In which tutorial u explained about "print", "println"

  19. Thanks for making these videos

  20. A good explanation. I didnt have question marks. Good job.

  21. package Lesson1;

    public class arithmetic_operators {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
    int x, y;
    double answer;
    x = 70;
    y = 30;
    answer = x / y;
    System.out.println("answer = " + answer);

    why is this returning "answer is 2.0" I thought the answer should be like 2.33. Please explain

  22. Dreamer Xp says:

    great thank you so much

  23. Can you email me at I need to ask a few question about my coding on BlueJ

  24. sir ,can you please tell me what is rectangles in java

  25. Lahmer Za says:

    u can just look at the code and undrestand it in one minute instead of 8

  26. Very useful and detailed tutorial….

  27. How to get both quotient and reminder at the same time ?

  28. harnam singh says:

    is there any way to download all videos in one time ?

  29. can we also print it as :

  30. Amazing ..Thanks for sharing valuable and useful information ..God Bless 🙂

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    the reason why i get interested to this this channel's tutorials is the tuter teches with interest and carefully…

  32. i understand very well thank you very much

  33. Saeed says:

    how can i put some space between ("answer " + answer + parameter); the second answer and parameter always sticks together , what should i do ?

  34. thank you so much for your explanation

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    very helpful.. Many thanks!

  36. alem belko says:

    its easy to understand this because some parts are simular to c++

  37. Really wonderful and very helpful for me

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