Coding Fun Java Java Netbeans – Modern UI – Flat Design – Dark UI Swing Example

Java Netbeans – Modern UI – Flat Design – Dark UI Swing Example

Java Modern UI
Learn how to design a modern java UI design from scratch using swing. In this video you will learn how to create a dark modern Flat UI Design. You can advance it to your own look and feel.

Java Programming
Java Swing Basics
Java Dark UI
Java Flat Design




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46 thoughts on “Java Netbeans – Modern UI – Flat Design – Dark UI Swing Example”

  1. Superb Work Mate. Keep making more of such videos. Keep it Up and Good Luck 🙂

  2. Is there any source code available ?

  3. nix says:

    help. i can't change the color of my jbutton. everytime i attempt to change it, the edges of the border only changes.

  4. Quu Read says:

    Thanks KeepToo. Do you have any resources I can look up to learn how to code it?

  5. Lucas Souza says:

    That's something beautiful for the user.

  6. how to code "X" jLabel3 system exit close ?

  7. how did you overlap the label under the paneloverlay?

  8. lsp7856 says:

    Awesome tutorial! Helped me out a lot

  9. 左其右 says:

    How to remove the border

  10. NopeNotNice says:

    How did you drag-move the GUI?

  11. What is swing and what is JAVAFX ? Please tell me

  12. can you upload this to github man i just want to clone

  13. Very nice video man, keep it up!

  14. whispereq says:

    This is a Discord GUI 😛

  15. please tell me how to highlight minimize,close button on undecorated jframe when click on close,minimize button same as like when we click on window frame close button please make a video on this?

  16. vedat iscan says:

    got cancer, thnx. use proper computer & mouse please

  17. help me !! i can't setup color backround !!!

  18. How do i move the frame?

  19. Campus Life says:

    Thank you so much for this man! Also, where can i find the music you're playing in the background?

  20. I hv been watching your videos for designing my project of Final year. Your videos are awesome and so are you!
    Keep up the good job!
    Thanks for sharing!

  21. Karem Reyes says:

    I really love and appreciate you work <3

  22. I am unable to make it full screen
    how can i make it

  23. Desk Tech says:

    Sir tell me how to connect these frames with database plzz…

  24. thundaGawd says:

    Stumbled on your vids… had just about written off doing UIs for the desktop in Java, but with what you've been showcasing, wow….

  25. Pritam Parab says:

    how to move window after selecting undecorated??

  26. Amazing job man!!! but you could have talked during the video…

  27. Wilo Android says:

    Friend as it is called the icon package software that you use

  28. Pedro Gamboa says:

    How to move the jframe without the border?

  29. How do I move the window by clicking anywhere? Awesome work.

  30. love your video
    it very help in my school project

  31. Hey, how to remove gap between panel? I am using netbeans 8.0.2, should I upgrade its version?

  32. when i checked the 'undecorated' i can't drag the frame. Any solution ?

  33. is java better than php and height paid

  34. Super Sami says:

    hey bro u made that X at left cornor what is the coding behind it how it work like how it is exiting Ç-

  35. love it and the music

  36. Hello my freind ! Awesome ! How to change program side ? Please answer .

  37. Brian Yan says:

    Can you please add a download link?

  38. hello! could you make or direct me to a video the briefly explains how to make ALL your items and text resize as soon as you maximise or resize the GUI, i have to make a school project and it does not look good at all if it is mostly just blank when you maximise it! Thank you!

  39. Great! Can u please make a video about how to design jFrame in Swing that will run in maximized window mode or full screen? Current work area of Swing is smaller so I can't create and design a jFrame with full sized window. I've made dozens of searches in web but found nothing. Thanks in advance

  40. Smart Ip says:

    Awesome work. Can u do a JavaFX program ?

  41. You lit it? again big thumbs up for this!

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