Coding Fun Java Java – LinkedLists – Students GUI – Add, Delete, Display

Java – LinkedLists – Students GUI – Add, Delete, Display

A recording of me building a Student GUI that stores Student objects in a LinkedList and allows the user to Add students, Delete students, Display All students, and Exit. See question below. Uses Java’s built in LinkedList class.

Source code is here:

User input is handled via GUI components (textfields) – which is *much* better than using input dialogs.

Q1. Linked Lists – using Java’s built in LinkedList


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5 thoughts on “Java – LinkedLists – Students GUI – Add, Delete, Display”

  1. LC_Prime says:

    Can you please post the code?

  2. thomas leong says:

    How to make an ascending order (ID)?

  3. Aditi Puri says:

    where did you get the documentation help thing

  4. Eka Putra says:

    can you give me the code , couse i still confused to implement that

  5. justCiaranYT says:

    what program did you use to do this? will this code work in eclipse?

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