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java exception interview

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Exception are such anomalous conditions which changes the normal flow of execution of a program. Exceptions are used for signaling erroneous (exceptional) conditions which occur during the run time processing.

Two types of exception : CHECKED & UNCHECKED

Checked Exceptions
These are the exceptions which occur during the compile time of the program….

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4 thoughts on “java exception interview”

  1. hello sir, today i have attended an interview, there interviewer asked compile time exception vs runtime exception and i said there is no compile time exceptions java and the exceptions will rise at runtime only and no difference between compiletime and runtime exceptions and he is not satisfied. could you pls clarify on this and i knew interviewer expecting same answer about checked and unchecked

  2. i am planning to use it…
    what are you ,, are you a programmer ???

  3. i am planning to use it…
    what are you ,, are you a programmer ???

  4. 123japanuser says:

    Thanks Jagadeesh.
    If possible then please use Eclipse for a demo.
    God Bless

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