Coding Fun Java Java coding interview question – Build hierarchy with stack

Java coding interview question – Build hierarchy with stack

This tutorial introduces data structure Stack and how to processing log with Stack. To study complete list of coding interview questions and answers, check out “Java Coding interview Pocket Book” today!

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9 thoughts on “Java coding interview question – Build hierarchy with stack”

  1. La Vivien says:

    The book is finally released in April,2018. It covers 200 frequently asked questions and answers from Amazon, Google etc! For those busy software engineers and developers, it helps you to refresh memories and prepare the coding interview fast!! Check it out at

  2. Kim Carson says:

    you could say the solution time complexity and space complexity is O(N)

  3. Wow beautiful and intellegent deadly combination ??. Great upload and info ??.

  4. Paul Chen says:

    This is the first time, I have watched one of your videos, as I am a new student for programming, I'm not sure when I can start to solve this question myself. but thanks anyway.

  5. Chad Parsons says:

    Can you post the code?

  6. Good video I have a new video up to check it out

  7. Can you talk a little bit slowly, girl? it's great tutorial though!

  8. Great work!! Please keep going!! its amazing effort by you!!

  9. Very informative video Lady. Can you checkout my latest video?

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