Coding Fun Java Java and Performance: Biggest Mistakes

Java and Performance: Biggest Mistakes

After a quick intro to the problem of bad quality code itself, we walk through 6 specific examples of broken applications from a performance, scalability and architectural perspective. Each example highlights the impact of quality, the root cause and the technical metric to look at before checking in code to avoid these problems.

More resources for Java developers:

This talk was delivered by Andreas Grabner for SF Java:

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25 thoughts on “Java and Performance: Biggest Mistakes”

  1. R says:

    A Tester and a Developer can never be friends 😉

  2. SinistaN says:

    biggest mistake: coding in java in the first place

  3. shweta aswal says:

    Love the presentation. Great content.
    Probably beginners might not be happy with it .. but people who have hands on will definitely enjoy and learn enriched instances with great examples cited.
    Working in perf Engineering for 4 years I have realised issues don’t come theoretical way.. it ends up theoretical way.. but to find it you have to know and think practically!

  4. Fennel Seed says:

    Good talk but not necessarily specific to Java back ends. Anecdotes from the field are always useful.

  5. SubVengeance says:

    "I'm still using IE as my main browser"…. aaaaaaaaand tab closed.

  6. I find this useful, even tho everyone in this comment section is acting like a genius who knew everything already.

  7. ShtormZZ says:

    I code in Borland Delphi 7.0 and don't have problems with CG and performance!

  8. Jonathan Ⓥ says:

    Hibernate (or lack of understanding it) strikes again

  9. orhan kelesk says:

    2 years fast forward, this talk still great and relevant. Grabner points out some of the simple mistakes that can have snowball effect on your code, and still many developers keep on missing these mistakes.

    Many thanks for the speaker.

  10. mPky1 says:

    This is more advertisement than content. The first 5-6 minutes are boring some company bought some other company, and a pointless question just to say you are all awesome. Then theres another 5-10 minutes or more nonsense and nothing about java.

    Yeh we get it you want to sell us dynatrace but plz stop wasting time and show us real content…

  11. you missed one famous person from Austria who made Austria and a bigger brother Germany in one country years ago and you were cool with the beer, the first presenter who I see are cool like this.

  12. like the introduction part. before i worked on a small company and for my knowledge, it depends on entity relationship . we should mainly focus on the designing of the project and how your object moves/relates to each other. so for that SQL query .

  13. Eurovision? Is this a lecture about Java or about Austria?

  14. Here, Ill save you 1 hour. Dont write retardedly slow code. So insightful…

  15. Krishnam R says:

    This site is down now. Breaking news

  16. I think that is a good presentation with real examples. Audiences can get different ideas from different aspects. The title may be a bit too big. This talk is really about enterprise applications performance which all enterprise software engineers need to know.

  17. A little late for me to comment but I didnt see these comments earlier. I was the presenter in this video and I happy for your feedback.

  18. 1:12 "I'm using IE as my main browser"

    Somebody please tell me he was just kidding because that's a very funny joke!!

  19. asd qwe says:

    thanks for nothing

  20. Paused the video right after 1:10

    I'm sorry, but if as a programmer, you don't see the obvious problems with using an integrated component of your operating system to browse the web, then there's no way I can take you seriously.  Even non-technical people understand the security risks, not to mention the shortcomings, of IE.

  21. Amr ElAdawy says:

    Not bad, yet few points:
    1. The speaker should repeat whatever the audience said so video watchers hear that as well.
    2. The example of loading the whole DB took more than it should.
    3. I did not come out with final tips, it was like a collection of don't use large images and make good marketing decisions along with small hints of bad code.
    4. Other tools for performance monitoring should be mentioned and showed as well.

  22. thinwath says:

    Well not a bad talk. But beside the fact that there a developers out there who use hibernate in a bad manner – I don't really get a relation to the talk title. The given problems aren't really Java dependent more: Avoid using SQL because you don't what SQL is, taking a architecture buzzword to an implementation (SOA) and never thinking about scaling your application/website/services. I expected some really shiny/voodoo/scary Java development sacrileges.

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