Coding Fun Java Java 9 and 10 Performance with @javaperftuning and @josephbottinger

Java 9 and 10 Performance with @javaperftuning and @josephbottinger

Kirk Pepperdine and Joe Ottinger discuss how Java performance is much better in Java 9 and 10.


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5 thoughts on “Java 9 and 10 Performance with @javaperftuning and @josephbottinger”

  1. privettoli says:

    Too much "water", no objective valuable information.

  2. damn people are making so much noise about shitty value types and how "fast" java is moving,
    if they had 1/10 of the pace of kotlin they would probably have erection as they speak
    point is : calm down please
    do whatever you can on jvm but don't say java is evolving

  3. Coffeephile says:

    This comment is test comment, testing

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