Coding Fun Kotlin Is there a Kotlin API for Cloud Functions? – #AskFirebase

Is there a Kotlin API for Cloud Functions? – #AskFirebase

Ask the Firebase team your questions! In this episode of #AskFirebase, Doug Stevenson answers your questions about writing data with the REST API and writing code that observes the security rules.

0:21 – Can Firebase be used in an apps development stage? I’d like to show stakeholders what the analytics for the mobile app would look like.
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1:29 -…

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13 thoughts on “Is there a Kotlin API for Cloud Functions? – #AskFirebase”

  1. tieskedh says:

    I tried to use cloud functions with javascript, but because of all the dynamics, I can't really understand the API and the autocompletion just completes to almost everything.
    Kotlin would improve the development a lot.
    Therefor, I just stopped developing after getting stuck endless times and wait for a good kotlin – api to come along

  2. Phost says:

    Hey, so as far as I can tell there is no Firestore for Unity yet. Will this be released any time soon or do I have to wait?

  3. i want to ask something that i am beginner so can i start with kotlin language or not please help me .

  4. Adam LeBlanc says:

    Can we please not do the trying to be hip thing?

  5. u look like Petyr Baelish

  6. Herat Patel says:

    Can i create front-end in ReactJS and back-end as Java spring boot (here
    I will create rest api in spring boot). Using Storage on web ?

  7. #askthefirebase how to write rest api in firebase?

  8. Can't wait for a Kotlin API for Cloud Functions!

  9. Can I get a Firebase sticker for my laptop somewhere?

  10. Why are there so many cuts?

  11. Bryan Keller says:

    Why was there a fidget spinner on the thumbnail? Is firebase going all clickbaity for 12 year olds?
    Btw, the cringey jokes are awesome and the small cut scenes with the feedget speener were actually pretty good.

  12. Since Cloud Functions is a server side feature, why are there no Kotlin/Java APIs? Having Cloud Functions as a JS only API makes no sense! Kotlin and Java are used SIGNIFICANTLY more widely on the server side than JS.

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