Coding Fun Java io- Install Python Java C++ R on Mac, Windows, Android, iOS & Chrome

io- Install Python Java C++ R on Mac, Windows, Android, iOS & Chrome

Start programming in minutes! In this beginners tutorial you install python, install c++, install R, install java, install linux, install jupyter, and install bash on any device. Do computer science on Mac, Microsoft, Android, iOS, Chrome OS, PC, Chromebook, iPad, tablet, smartphone, and iPhone.

In this video you install an all in one programming software called io that works on any device! This is possible because of two new technologies cloud computing (google cloud) and jupyter. On…

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36 thoughts on “io- Install Python Java C++ R on Mac, Windows, Android, iOS & Chrome”

  1. After entering I get the message, "This site can’t be reached" followed by " refused to connect. Try:
    Checking the connection
    Checking the proxy and the firewall
    Suggestions? I'm on a Pixelbook.

  2. Kn Jo says:

    I'm unable to connect to my external IP even after modifying the address. I followed your steps exactly..what am I doing wrong?

  3. yash negi says:

    Everything is working fine but when i am clicking on external ip and removing s from http also the it is showing reload the page. What to do

  4. Mike Stone says:

    I very much appreciate your videos, as I only work on an iPad and iPhone. The VM and Jupyter website installed without issue. But, I did not have a keyboard for my iPhone, so I entered the program on my iPad.
    from ipywidgets import * Then shift enter
    @interact( text="", times=1 )
    def printIt( text, times ):
    print ( text * times ) then shift enter.
    And the only thing that appeared was another box to enter more python commands. The interactive text box and slider did not appear. I reentered, no change. Any ideas for troubleshooting? Probably something simple.

  5. Kaan Ekici says:

    For me it says Connection failed.. but im 100% sure i did evrything right. What do you say? Great Video!

  6. Aditya Adiga says:

    should i buy ipad pro for coding or a laptop for coding and development.

  7. Thank you so much. This helped me a lot and also you are a great teacher.

  8. Kat kat says:


  9. heri adriwan says:

    My first project was suspended by Google because there is crypto currency bla bla idk… I made a new one with password. Btw, can R in io installs packages?

  10. minki kim says:

    gae + aws + azure

  11. Ring maker says:

    Thank you I’m from Poland I only using iPad, now I can start learn to code. 🙂

  12. Yann HIKAMU says:

    Ah…hummm and without internet??

  13. can you do this also on AWS cloud server EC2?

  14. Hey man, thanks for the awesome content. Do you have anything about iPad and Mathematica (Wolfram)? I think the combo iPad + Wolfram Notebooks should be great

  15. It’s just amazing ! I have dreamed of programming on my IPad/smartphone. Your video made it possible for me! I haven’t checked all your videos yet, but do you plan to make a video on how to transfer datas to your VM? Anyway, thank you do much for all this great content !

  16. hi it doesnt work i tried i got google cloud and followed step by step it jus says unavailable website

  17. This seemed really promising to me, as a friend and I have had an idea for a video game, but, I don't own a credit card, which disqualifies me from setting up Google Cloud. Is there a work around for this? I would like to get my hands "dirty" in coding and develop video games. This was promising until the credit card necessity

  18. Sameer Md says:

    What if I don’t have a credit card now?

  19. Hi,
    When I try to use C++
    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    int main()
    cout<<"hello world";
    return 0;
    I get this error,
    input_line_17:4:1: error: function definition is not allowed here
    Interpreter Error:


  20. Chris Savala says:

    Love the vid. When accessing it, did you do that on an iPad? Or did you allocate the data on your comp and after setup utilized it for iPad/iPhone/etc?

  21. You're awesome! I have an issue where I don't have a credit card. Is there any way I can use google cloud? I wondered if instead I could do the same thing on AWS if google cloud isn't an option?
    Thanks and have a good day

  22. Thank you very much. That is what I want. Coding anywhere, on my iPas as well! Awesome!

  23. heri adriwan says:

    I bought 2018 iPad last week since I wanted to learn R. Then I downloaded R for dummies pdf on Ipad, so i need laptop side by side the iPad just to directly practiced whatever I read in the pdf. iPad and laptop is not really easy to handle since i read my iPad occasionally let’s say in a cafe or in my bed or in a car. Then, I thought it’s really helpful if I installed R in the iPad, but didn’t found the good application, even the paid version. Thanks God and You for your videos. I only use the iPad itself for studying R anytime and anywhere. Anyway, good work buddy. Allow me to subscribe your channel.

  24. Edwin Li says:

    Thanks for your video, it is very helpful, I wonder can we do the same thing on a chromebook?

  25. Do you accept BTC as donation ? 🙂

  26. Jefazo says:

    Thank you very much for this amazing tutorial, now I can start to learn coding using the ipad.
    Seriously, you made me very happy, muchas gracias!

  27. My external IP is not getting open ..even i have changed that https to http . On screen its showing "This site can't be reached "please help me out of this sir

  28. I Like your video.. but the c++ is not working 🙁 i tried on multiple devices … there is allways a kernel issue

  29. Is there a difference between C++ 11 14 and 17 ?

  30. Di Wang says:

    Good enough for casual programming.

  31. Simon Phan says:

    I like your style and your mentality… thank you for sharing

  32. cant do work without internet :O

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