Coding Fun Html Introduction to HTML || Advanced HTML Elements || Part 3

Introduction to HTML || Advanced HTML Elements || Part 3

In this video we learn what HTML elements are and how to use them in our web pages. We will also learn about the most used type of HTML elements, the meaningless elements. These are the span and div tags. Lastly, we will use that knowledge to create the home page of our band website.

This Lessons…

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11 thoughts on “Introduction to HTML || Advanced HTML Elements || Part 3”

  1. I forgot to mention in this video that HTML Entities must end with a semi-colon, ;. The examples in the video do correctly use a semi-colon.

  2. I was intrigued to know how these web pages were developed with these super cool animations on board and that is how i thought of being a web developer! In the process i found your channel two or three days ago. I also watch more channels and get variety of knowledge from you all.

  3. for comment the shortcut is ctrl+/

  4. do we have to download the image file from github?

  5. XradicalD says:

    "What make you want to learn web development?"

    "Hey dude, I have issues with the design of this site for my small business, maybe you could give me some insights and edit the code a little? Everything design related that is"
    "Sure! [I know nothing about code]"

  6. bro can u suggest me som boook for html css javascript

  7. zooose 18 says:

    Midway through high school, i had to do it as a few of my ICT lessons. I hated it at the time, but i backed up all my work to google and i also did it a year later in year 9 or 10. as i was bored. I found the idea interesting and being able to create something like that, quite cool. to this day i still have my old beginner ideas. Interesting to look back sometimes.

  8. Swadhikar C says:

    Elegantly done yet again! thanks for that. I have a query, i am new to html and certainly feel if the raw html code should be fully developed before stylizing the page or if it can be done contemporarily alongside?

  9. AlexTechie says:

    Constructive criticism: incorporate a larger font size for code and zooming in for other parts you want to draw attention to. Mobile users will love you for it. Other than that, nice job!

  10. J. Ames says:

    Thanks for another great video. I'm trying to learn web dev as a means to escape my current job and provide a better future for the woman i love.

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