Coding Fun Java Intro to Machine Learning (ML Zero to Hero, part 1)

Intro to Machine Learning (ML Zero to Hero, part 1)

Machine Learning represents a new paradigm in programming, where instead of programming explicit rules in a language such as Java or C++, you build a system which is trained on data to infer the rules itself. But what does ML actually look like? In part one of Machine Learning Zero to Hero, AI Advocate Laurence Moroney (lmoroney@) walks through a basic Hello World example of building an ML model, introducing ideas which we’ll apply in later episodes to a more interesting problem: computer…

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26 thoughts on “Intro to Machine Learning (ML Zero to Hero, part 1)”

  1. very nice way of teaching

  2. You missed 'tf.keras.' in the 1st line. So, model = tf.keras.Sequential([keras.layers.Dense(units=1, input_shape=[1])]) will be the correct code.

  3. Any videos on how to actually install tensorflow?

  4. Gigabyte1337 says:

    ML python code is so messy try implementing BERT feature encoder in C# the python code unreadable no clear documentation, it's almost impossible. : (

  5. Riririri Ri says:

    Thank you so much. You save my life.

  6. aboriad15 says:

    Excited for this series!

  7. Was just waiting for this from Lawrence. I m learning machine learning daily and time to take this to next level. Thanks Lawrence and Google and tensor flow

  8. Yoga Mokalu says:

    This man explain what machine learning is in the simplest way I ever heard. Good one, keep it up

  9. Loved the intro. Waiting for the next video.i was searching for such tutorial for long time, finally got one. Thanks tensor flow.

  10. Marcelo says:

    this is great! Can you do one on reinforcement learning?

  11. This is short of IO presentation 🙁

  12. EmptyRedData says:

    But can you put answers and rules in to get data?

  13. I think this is a re-launch, I hope more videos to come and hopefully in Tensorflow 2.

  14. Wow , I’ve been waiting for such an opportunity to learn machine learning from an expert . Thank so much and keep it up , we need it for our big project GOD’s willing .

  15. Great intro, however how often are you planning to release new chapters? There are tons of materials to learn ml on the internet and even if it's coming from you, directly from tensorflow devs, waiting for a 6 minute new episode for 4 days isn't particularly good I guess.

  16. codé Facil says:

    waiting for the part2 please

  17. Juan Hauara says:

    Excellent video! Thanks

  18. Chris Morris says:

    Rules + data vs. answers + data. Pretty good.

  19. fet1 says:

    Hello, Laurence Moroney,
    Astounding presentation. How quickly and how brilliantly you put such a huge task look so simple. I must admire your ability. Keep up the good work, thumbs up here.

  20. Hey Lawrence just wanted to know is it a weekly series or will just come whenever next is available

  21. Thunderjaw says:

    🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 Wow! What a very clear and straight forward explination! Thank you!

  22. Why SGD and mean_squared_error is used for this example

  23. How many intros this guy will give!

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