Coding Fun Html I WAS WRONG! YOU ALL WERE RIGHT and now I'm doing this upgrade! Thanks

I WAS WRONG! YOU ALL WERE RIGHT and now I'm doing this upgrade! Thanks

Furrion Chill 15.5BTU AC

* Specific Furrion Interior Panel may be required for different setups.

etrailer Inverter Generators

Firman Dual Fuel Inverter Generator

Link to all the…

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42 thoughts on “I WAS WRONG! YOU ALL WERE RIGHT and now I'm doing this upgrade! Thanks”

  1. do u think a vapor barrier would be overkill?

  2. Blakehx says:

    Nice job! I wish our travel trailer was better insulated and had a better AC… It's brand new and a fiberglass exterior but the inside heats up very quickly especially inside the cabinets (chocolate melts in the pantry if we leave the doors closed)! For some reason, the Dometic AC can barely keep up! I looked the other day and was a bit surprised… am I the only one who thinks it seems moronic to have an AC cover and a refrigerator vent cover that are black? 2 cooling appliances in the Texas sun surrounded by a color that absorbs light instead of reflecting it?!?! I may look into replacing the AC with that Furrion, the soft start built-in is brilliant! Thanks for sharing!

  3. J W says:

    I have had problems loading a Harley in my Toy Hauler and right there is where I have hung the kick stand spring holder. Curious if that would help the problem or be higher than the original cap? Enjoy your channel. 👍

  4. hydrator1 says:

    wow you put in ac an it's cooler imagine that!

  5. Tony Wilson says:

    Paint your roof white and if will cool it even more. Bus kote

  6. Santa Mike says:

    Good job putting back insulation and hey you do have two hands

  7. When will u check on the ford 7.3 motor would like your input

  8. 2003evodave says:

    Hint from a professional insulation installer,,,,,don’t leave an air gap. It’s best to fill the entire areas you have with insulation.

  9. 2003evodave says:

    Aaaaah,,,,,the negatives of a propane generator IE. They don’t run or start well at high altitudes or cold temperatures. The only positive of this generator is it runs in gasoline.

  10. Looks like a good job to me bud 😎👌

  11. Great Video.. Your channel brings out some many Q&A about what Heavy Duty and Commercial Grade are all about. We've all seen people driving 1/2 pickups and saying out loud they're either going to hurt themselves or kill someone. Having common sense and knowing the limitations on your equipment means YOU are the better person…

  12. Jeffery Utz says:

    I want to thank you. Mr. Truck showed me your channel. I don't have a RV yet. But I will and with what I'm learning from you definitely help me buy one. I will say one thing! You need more toys so I could see more toy haulers. I love you and keep up the good work, even if you don't do a lot of toy haulers. I loved it when you were up in Michigan. You did a lot RVs that where up my alley.

  13. Bobex63 says:

    My, what a big regulator you have! 🤣 Seriously, like the others have said, we love your content! Keep up the good work!!

  14. rklaiss1 says:

    Hi JD,

    Your videos are excellent. I’m going to ask you a question unrelated to this video. I’m looking to purchase a F450 once the new 2020 models are released. It will be used to tow a 2020 Grand Design 397th as well as weekend trips. It won’t be my daily driver but I’ll definitely be putting on some miles. My question for you is regarding the mileage you’re experiencing while towing and while on the highway not towing. What kind of figures are you normally getting. I’m trying to determine whether it’s worth it to upgrade and add an in-bed auxiliary fuel tank. Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Please keep putting out content like you do. Thank you!

  15. I've learned more about trailers from your channel than any other. Thank you.

  16. Bill S says:

    If you'd like to try and cool it down a bit more, you could try applying Henry's Tropicool to the roof. It's a white silicone based coating helps reflect some heat off.

  17. Dear Sir. I wanted to thank you for all The great lessons and advice. It sure has helpt me. To understand The Rv world a bit better on RV’s and trucks. I am dutch not us citizen and i do not live in The usa. Not yet 😉. I realy like The idea and i am working on a business plan to own and operate a RV park in The usa

    I follow a few members in The rv life. On YouTube i know i can not learn everything from vids. But iT sure helps to know what i am getting in too. So again thank you Sir. With kind regards John Regterink from Amsterdam. The netherlands

  18. No discussion on easystart?
    Great insulation job.

  19. Richard West says:

    Your your insulation install video was great. Trailers is coming along and looking good inside. Great job 👍 and thanks for the sharing JD. As always looking forward to your next video.

  20. This might me being overly anal but you have the generator within feet of the air intake being pulled in from the roof fans. Don’t you worry about carbon monoxide working its way in?

  21. Question concerning the generator. I find it amazing that a 15.5K ac started in that generator which has only 3000 surge capacity. Does your AC unit have a hard start system installed on it? If not then how was this possible.

  22. Mark Farmer says:

    Rocket stove for heat!!

  23. Wells says:

    Thanks for telling us a total of 8 times through the video that you reused the old and are using astrofoil.

  24. jim00104 says:

    Why not just put a bigger inverter in the truck and run the ac off that.

  25. JD. What about possible condensation between the interior metal and insulation? Not hating but would like to know if it could happen and be able to get in front of it

  26. I'm worried the glue will come undone from the heat and twisting and bending of the trailer.

  27. ProbeGT2 says:

    All this spray on glue and you're enclosed in this trailer, you must've been starting to laugh alone for no reasons! 🤣
    Stuff is harmful man, watch yourself!

  28. Frank Bailey says:

    Good job on the trailer.
    One Honda 2200 and a Easy Start 364 to run my ac.

  29. JOHN PIEGZIK says:

    Great channel and excellent content! Thanks you for all you do, really enjoy what you do. Thx John 😎👍

  30. True Blue says:

    I had to laugh when you said you were going to do a meet up, are you going to have a bag over your head, like the unknown comic, to conceal your identity? 😉

  31. Wally Jordan says:

    I can't tell cos I'm looking at this on a phone; howeger, I'm wondering what insulation boards those are. I've heard the "styrofoam" type retains moisture and will farm mold. I went with poly-iso because of that in my van. Are there concerns with moisture in the cargo trailer?

  32. Really enjoyed this style of DIY video from you.

  33. Tu Ho says:

    Good job with insulation.👍

  34. 3%er Infidel says:

    Furion softstart…game changer!!

  35. You sir, have the best channel on YouTube. The fact that you take time away from your busy life and family to help us all out, still amazes me. Especially for little to no compensation. I’ve learned a lot and very much appreciate what you do. Yes, subscriber events would be awesome!

  36. j north says:

    at the meet up will you wear a paper sack to hide your identity

  37. I am very grateful to have been around since you
    had about 25k subs… Grateful to still be here and learning from you brother!

  38. Love the information you put out. And really glad you have a Ford truck because it gives me ideas to what to do next on mine. If you ever switch brands I'll just leave the truck part out🤣.

  39. JD, with the AC addition, you have just completed the single most necessary step for this trailer to be a perfect start for a home built (stealth) camper for the NEXT owner of the trailer…lol…..
    This year, in central Iowa I have seen double the number of people using a cargo trailer for camping.
    They are 'tent campers' that have stepped up a level.
    Chatting with a couple of these campers; the cargo trailer has other daily use.
    They remove some of the other use items, throw in all camping paraphernalia, and off they go.
    A futon or air mattress for mom and dad in the trailer; kids in tent alongside.

  40. Will B says:

    We are all wrong occasionally. The last time I was wrong was when I thought i was wrong.😁 Love all your reviews.

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